Breaking News — another martyr created and endorsed by the ARDC

Pretty soon they will have to put posts for our heads up outside 130 E Randolph.

I understand Sir Thomas Moore, from A Man for All Seasons, now considered a true scholar, lawyer, judge and reverred Chancellor of England, had his head on a post for about a month until his daughter took it down after he clung to his principles of honor and integrity, opposing the divorce of Henry VIII and putting away of Queen Catherine, but then he did go on to marry Anne Boleyn who birthed on of the greatest rulers of that age, Queen Elizabeth I, so who knows.

But he did stick to his principles and always told the truth.  When he would not support the new king’s marriage, there was a fight for awhile, but eventually it was off with his head at the tower of England.

In any case, the Sup. Ct. of Ill. agreed with the ARDC and have suspended me as of this morning, I guess, I have no received an email or whatever.

I just showed up in court this morning and someone from the OPG said I had just been suspended!  Of course, the OPG knew, they’ve been waiting for this.

Just yesterday, Carrie Fung lied again in court, saying an amout allegedly owed was $13,000 when it was not, it was $12,500.  Does the court do anything about their lying?  Of course not.  When I challenged her and she was lying and attorneys aren’t supposed to do that, she said to go tell the judge the judge did it, but then I replied, that putting a lie in a court order doesn’t make it the truth and court orders are not supposed to contain attorney lies.  Woman’s got a problem.  Doesn’t she know that if you tell the truth all the time, life is much, much easier?

Right now, they’re so heck bent on invalidating the Sophie Reichert trust, they wanted to default Ryan Reichert right away on invalidating the trust, but the judge, doing her job, said no, she needed proof of jurisdiction (of course this is the same judge who one day said Ryan can’t file for guardianship, his petition is too early so she dismissed it, but then at the next court date, a few weeks later, she summarily appointed the OPG, so go figure.  I hope things are getting better the judges are following the law, but who knows.)

This is just an interrim suspension, and the Review Board could do the right thing.  There’s always hope.  I did challenge them during my argument that ALL of them could be targets of probate court, that I have heard of plenty of stories of wealthy judges and lawyers who were targeted, isolated, drugged and estates drained and then eliminated and that I was the only attorney standing up to such evil.  I’m not sure they got it though, they pretty much stared at me the entire time like deer in the headlights, waiting for the entire hour to be over to get a cup of Starbucks, and the fact that Gary Frake was in the galley and Judge X was killing off his father together with Attys Rhodes and Peck with drugs, etc. didn’t seem to present a problem for any of them.

But right now, I will be taking a well deserved rest.  No more long client calls seeking legal advice, now I can say I don’t do that, but would be glad to blog about it.  I already had a client have an absolute fit about the ARDC suspending me, as if I have anything to do with it.  I offered to blog about her case and that only made it worse.

I told her to complain to the ARDC and the Ill. Sup. Ct., and maybe my clients will, who knows.

I am filing another document with the Ill. Supreme Court today.  Since it’s all Fraud on the Court, there is no timeline and no limitations period.

take care all and I will let you know how this new phase goes. The program is to get reasonably priced attorneys for all the probate victims and run a case management system (without legal advice) under Justice 4 Every1, NFP, but we will see how it goes.

If anyone would like to volunteer as a lawyer or paralegal for these clients, PLMK.



2 thoughts on “Breaking News — another martyr created and endorsed by the ARDC

  1. So sorry you got crucified today. Or fed to the lions. Or sold down the river. Or whatever image that applies. Just know that a lot of people are standing behind you on this. You are doing this for us — and we are totally appreciative.

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