From Ken Ditkowsky–another call for an investigation! And a call for organization and attorneys!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 21, 2015 11:49 AM
To: Candice Schwager , JoAnne M Denison , Sherry Johnston , Rik Munson
Subject: Retaliation.

Illinois has been a leader in judicial corruption.      The tight (corrupt) political control over the judicial system has been credited for the successful growth of a judiciary that most citizens are await to become involved.    We have a ‘watchdog’ committee promulgated by the Supreme Court of Illinois that is unembarrassed when it suspends a lawyer for demanding an investigation of obvious corruption, a lawyer for “practicing law while black,” a lawyer for exercizing her obligations of citizenship and pursuant to the protection of both the State and Federal Constitution operating a blog.    This same organization bars a civil rights leader from observing a kangaroo hearing that it is conducting.   It should be noted that other people were admitted to the “hearing!”   Only Diane Nash was excluded.
I’ve copied law enforcement and I am respectfully requesting them to conduct an Honest investigation as to how jurists and other public officials can use public funds to assault the core values of America.
From Joanne;
And just so everyone knows, Ken was suspended 4 years upon the threat by Adam Stern he would be disbarred, when Ken tried to investigate the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.  Mary was railroaded into a guardinaship by Waller, Stern and Farenga and Judge Stuart (who is now gone), and then a safe deposit box was drilled open soon after by the Plenary Guardian Carolyn Toerpe and the contents removed and never inventoried.  Gloria Sykes, Mary’s younger daughter fiiled subpoena after subponea and desired discovery on Carolyn Toerpe, only to have all the subponenas and discovery quash.  Carolyn sports new jewels and pays for a lavish wedding for her daughter.  The Probate court and Stuart, Schmeidel, Farenga, etc. quash all discovery.  Gloria’s chosen attorney (myself) is disqualified on a pack of lies.  Gloria files motion after motion only to be ignored, denigrated and snubbed by a court that exists only for the elite.
At my trial, Judge Stuart on the stand changed her testimony about whether she had her deputies chain Gloria to a chair and threaten her pets with euthanization.  Six weeks later she “suddenly retired” most likely thanks to a nice young man with a hair cut, white dress shirt who sat in the galley and politely declined to identify himself.
So with the ARDC and Illinois Supreme Court refusing to protect whistleblowers, and with it solidly being the No. 1 state in corruption, where do we have to go?
Whom will protect us if the ARDC goes after honest attorneys with impunity, the agents of the mission to continue corruption go on unabated, with no one to protect them.
Who will stop this and put an end to it all?
If you can volunteer to help me, let me know.  I need grants, I need an army, I need volunteers and most of all volunteer attorneys to clean up these messes.
thank you

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