Cooper’s Corner’s Tomorrow night discusses what happened at the Review Board!

As all of you are aware, the “Review Board” hearing was utterly amazing in that 1) they banned my court reporter, and 2) left Diane Nash, a famous Civil Rights leader featured in the movie Selma, standing the hallway (while 2 litigator attorneys sat in the first row).

Also, as you know, the ARDC does not file Ethics Reports mandated under the 2009 Ethics Reporting Act, it does not say how it chooses Tribunals or Review Boards, etc.

There will be plenty to discuss and NEWS FLASH!  For those of you that are probate victims, or family members, we will be having the first meeting of Justice 4 Every1’s Probate Victim/Corruption Victim Support Group. Come and find and meet with others who have experienced the horrors of corrupt court rooms and judges.  Amazing and horrific stories.  All victims and their families are invited.

Next up, Glenda’ Martinez-Col. Smith’s amazing win in the 3rd District of the Court of Appeals.  Her attorney did an absolutely amazing job of getting her Powers of Attorney back so she could take her husband home!  Good for her.

Please let me know if you are a victim of probate court or any court corruption and we will invite you to our first meeting where you can watch the show and meet others in the same situation.

Thanks again for all of your support, it is much appreciated.


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