Success in Las Vegas–95 year WWII vet escapes “professional guardians”

Now he is happy at home with friends and relatives caring for him.

From the NASGA newsletter today:

check out a happy ending, but it was only after a horror story of being forced from his own home, $400k drained from his estate by “professionals” that his family endured a long court battle to let him go free.

Congratualtions to this family and their endurance and a nice success story of hope.

And I’m also pleased to announce that Glenda Martinez and her husband Col. Alan Smith, ret’d., are now back together and at home after waging a fierce battle for about 1.5 years to free Col. Smith from an abusive guardian and nursing home.  Unfortunately Col Smit returned to his home with dehydration, malnutrition, bed sores and rashes.  Glenda is now lovingly caring for him at home and please pray for his total recovery.  This is the case where the “professionals” were able to annul the marriage and Ms. Martinez’s powers of attorney. The Florida Appellate court just overturned all those decisions.  I am waiting for a a copy of the decision to post right now.  Col. Smith was a victim of “target, isolate, medicate and drain the estate” until Glenda fought a long and loving battle to stop that greed and evil.  What a heroine.  We are all very, very proud of you Glenda and your brave attorneys.

He returned to his own home and is very happy with his “non professional” famiily and friend caregivers who give him all the love and attention and good food he desires.

Two wonderful stories this week, let’s keep it up.


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