From Eliot Bernstein–over 2,000+ torture pictures to be released of war detainees

While the ACLU sues to ensure that our democracy is functioning the way it should, with complete transparency regarding the actions of the powers that be, apparently BOTH the Bush and the Obama administration have been playing hide the sausage with photos that might be even more disturbing that already released.

Why the CIA pretends that treaties against war crimes, and the Nuremberg trials do not exist is beyond me.

Even children in grammar school seem to know more about how torture is wrong and illegal than grownups with decades of experience in international law and degrees from Ivy League institutions.

Apparently the publication of these photos were held up with motion after motion filed by the government to delay, delay, delay.  What the delays buy them is not understood because they are delaying the inevitable.  And if the government is so heck bent on delaying the release of these videos then why weren’t they properly managing the CIA staff in the first place, and what provisions have they put in place to ensure this does not happen again.

Will the Obama administration release new policy changes with the photos to ensure there is no repeat of this embarrassing and volatile situation.

The government constantly claims release would inflame or incite violence, but I think they should have thought of  that years ago when the war crimes were being committed.  2,000 photos are more than an “isolated incident” from one or two out of control employees.


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