In scary shades of ARDC tribunals who withhold audio when allegations of altered transcripts arise….

this judge is publically lambasted for doing so.

Take a look at this article:

The question is, why is the news so negative on him, when my Tribunal thought it had the right to refuse my motion to turn over tapes, and then just told me to submit my own notes, then when I did, they ignored them.

Like the judge in this article, Jerome Larkin has had many past accusations of covering up fraud, ignoring valid client complaint results in severe financial exploitation (in the millions–Sykes, Gore, Tyler, etc.) and also severe injury to disabled persons via the court appointed guardians and attorneys (Sykes being severely ill, Carol Wyman–attempted murder, read the book, Alice Gore isolated and then 29 gold teeth pulled, a feeding tube implanted because she ate to slow and she was infused with psychotropic meds and starved/dehydrated to death, etc.  We now have a list in Illinois.

How is it Gov. Ryan’s brand of corruption (selling CDL’s for $200) results in his imprisonment for years when 5 young children burn up to death, but Larkin’s cover up and refusal to investigate the near murder of Carol Wyman in one of Illinois’ worst nursing homes and then the starvation/dehdration and drugging continues? (Frake).

Which reminds me, I just got an order today in response to my allegations of severe abuse (a once vibrant man is reduced quickly to a wheel chair, a mysterious fall after entering the nursing home is unattended to, then he is drugged to the point his eyes are dilated in daylight, he can’t lift his head up, he says he wants to die–the court covers all this up by saying they will simply limit any visitors (ie, witnesses to illegal psychotropic drugging, etc.) (Frake).  See below.  Carl Kettler of Bright Star — a professional nursing firm that does not believe in abuse, is now banned from coming near Mr. Frake.  Carl Kettler was to be used as a witness.  Imagine he is banned by Judge Quinn?


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