Dr. Reinstein takes massive kickbacks for risky drugs..psychotropic drugs!

Today, from the Chicago Tribune


$600k in kickbacks, a prolific prescriber, he once prescribed 490 prescriptions in 5 days!

And we wonder why the Tribunals at the ARDC and Jerome Larkin at the ARDC are engaged in a massive coverup.

They either knew or should have known of the kickbacks–just like Gov. Ryan went down for.

No one ever proved that Gov. Ryan took a kickback from any $200 no test CDL, but he was convicted and sent to prison for many years nonetheless.

Jerome Larkin has received dozens and dozens of client complaints of cottage industry schemes in probate, and ignores them all, sending out nonsensical letter in Sykes, Gore, Tyler, etc.  He and his staff do not file Ethics Reports under the mandatory reporting act of 2009.  If you complain to the Ill. Supreme Court, they send you to Atty Zimmerman, who I am told was placed there to do nothing.  He is a do nothing kind of guy.

Let’s applaud the feds for going after Dr. Reinstein.

Let’s set up a Bastille day for all the elders drugged against their will, forced to live in nursing homes, deprived any independent third party supervisor by court order (Frake), feeding tube in one end laced with drugs because the patient eats to slowly and a diaper on the other and forced to stay in bed or a wheel chair with alarms.

Disgusting, worse the the most horrid state run Chinese orphanages with dying rooms (youtube.com)


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