From Ken Ditkowsky — when due process, the US and State constitutions become “mere technicalities” to be swept away by errant courts

One of the major problems that the friends and family of the designated victims of elder abuse is frustration and the fact that law enforcement moves so slowly.     The adage:  “Justice delayed is Justice denied” is a truism.     How much time does a 90 year old victim have?     If rescued after in the later stages of elder exploitation and abuse what life does this victim enjoy?
The reason that the scam of elder cleansing is so successful is that time is an enemy – not a friend.    When a criminal guardian (usually a guardian ad litem) tells the Court that the family and friend agitate the victim, and the unthinking (and therefore corrupt jurist) orders supervised visitation a/k/a isolation. The victory of evil over the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State, and the Rule of Law is almost a foregone conclusion.      The simple order entered by a corrupt jurist separates the victim from his, her former life and defeats any reasonable accommodation for any disability that might appropriately be addressed.     For instance, in the Mary Sykes case the simple order of Judge Connors (entered without the required jurisdiction or hearings) removed Mary Sykes from her home, her church, her garden club, her sewing jobs, her mobility (and her vehicle), the companionship of her two elderly sisters, the companionship of her younger daughter, including trips and vacations all over the United States.
For Mary’s liberty was substituted drugs reasonably calculated to turn her into a zombie, day care facilities with little or no stimulation, and the unlimited and involuntary distribution of her estate to the elder cleansers.     Even her pet (dog) was taken from her.    Stimulation (i.e. social intercourse with family and friends who were her companions before she was involuntarily restrained) in the words of Cynthia Farenga – agitated her!    Indeed, had she not been competent she would not have been agitated!    An honest and competent jurist would have recognized that agitation was the expected and predictable reaction that involuntary incarceration in direct opposition to the Core values of America.     The more competent the victim the more agitated they would be expected to become!
The same game plan is reported in just about every one of these elder cleansing cases!      The supervision by the Court appointed miscreants is reasonably calculated to thwart any ADA reasonable accommodation that the elderly or disabled person might accidentally receive!      In Mary’s case separation for the stimulation that the younger daughter provided was a major blow to Mary.     A goggle search of Mary G. Sykes turns up Newspaper articles demonstrating how vital a person she was even at 90.     (She even visited President Clinton!)     Her long term relationship with her sisters was terminated by the void order of Judge Connors doing both sisters severe harm.     As Peter Schmiedel pointed out “ Mary is making wonderful progress!”
When one judge after another refused to address the violations of law that are obvious to everyone time and time again not only is Justice denied, but a serious ISIS type assault on the Bill of Rights is promulgated and carried out.     Even though 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 (b) reminds the legal eagles of the very very  limited jurisdiction that is provided a guardian as the legislature recognizes the guardianship has infringing on Civil Rights not only is the mandate “reasonable accommodation) ignored, but,  total usurpation of Human, Civil, Liberty, and Property rights removed.
 In Mary Sykes case the Jurisdictional criteria were all sweep aside as technicalities!      For instance, 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 sets out each criterion.     It states in detail (including how the printing is to long) as to a summons.     The Circuit Court clerk did not bother to print a summons meeting the criterion prior to Mr. Larkin and the IARDC jumping in to aid and abet the criminal conduct.      The Sheriff wrote that he had no record of service of summons so it really did not matter what, if anything, or whether Mary was served with Summons – she was designed to be a victim and as the Court intended to act illegally and contrary to the Constitution – indeed, one fraud on the court more or less did not matter to the elder cleansers and those who acted with them to obstruct justice.  (NB – so that no one forgets – pursuant to 18 USCA 4 I report Mr. Larkin’s felony to the Department of Justice as he acted in concert with the miscreants.  18 USCA 371.    18 USCA 1341, 18 USCA 242)
In a similar manner 11a – 10 requires the close or near relatives to be served 14 days prior to a hearing on Mary’s competency with notice of the aforesaid hearing.     As the miscreants had no intention of allowing such a hearing there was no need to serve the jurisdictional 14 days prior notice.     It thus was ignored!    As Judge Connors pointed out – the same result would have been had whether or not the law was followed!     The need to elder cleanse Mary trumped the Rule of Law.     It should be noted that the three guardians and their attorney admitted that Mary’s two sisters were not disclosed in the Petition for Mary’ to be railroaded into  guardianship and were not notified of any hearing – as no hearing was held so as to determine 1) whether Mary was incompetent and 2) the extent of any infirmity notification.    The corrupt Court signed an order appointing a guardian.
It should be noted that family came to the Court house believing that a hearing was to be held on Mary’s Petition for a Protective order (based upon domestic violence of the Petitioner seeking to be appointed guardian ).     It has been reported that the two guardian ad litem and the attorney for the petitioner just prepared an order appointing a plenary guardian and the presiding judge just rubber stamped it.      Any attack on this extra-judicial procedure was meet with threats of sanctions, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission sanctions – such as suspensions and disbarment!      This was no idle threat.     Kangaroo Commissions were available to demonstrate that Justice in Illinois was what Jerome Larkin said it was!     The United States Constitution, the Illinois Constitution, the Rule of Law and Justice were merely technicalities.     So confident were the conspirators (18 USCA 371) that they decreed that Mary’s younger daughter was bi-polar because she protested the felonies being committed openly and notoriously.
Of course it should be noted as late as December 29, 2014 another of the probate judges when faced with the ADA claim of the younger daughter as to a disability the younger daughter (Gloria) was at the urging of the very people who claimed prior that she was disabled objected to a reasonable accommodation.    GAL Adam Stern authored the order denying the relief that Ms. Sykes requested!     Mr. Larkin’s cadre of aiders and abettors have been  placed of record  –   senior attorney for the IARDC wrote that Adam Stern had been appointed as Guardian ad litem for the younger daughter and therefore the Commission could not engage in an investigation of the ‘elder cleansing’ that was reported. [1]      These miscreants are paid with public funds!
The record in the case of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 (Circuit Court of Cook County) verifies the statements that I and others have made concerning this abortion of Justice.      Mr. Larkin by suspending my law license for four years and threatening JoAnne Denison with suspension for three years ****  thought that he could intimidate us and eliminate us from standing up to his comrades prosecuting the War against the elderly and the disabled.       Every day we and others are recruiting citizens to man the barricades and resist the American holocaust directed against the elderly and the disabled.     We will continue this quest until Mr. Larkin and his comrades assaulting the elderly and the disabled are brought to Justice and an elderly or disabled person can enjoy the fruits of America citizenship!
Recruitment of legal talent is not easy for the victims of elder cleansing and their families.   Lawyers are intimidated by Larkin and do not want to sacrifice their law licenses for 90 year old victims of elder cleansing.     Lawyer reason that the elderly will die soon anyway!     It too bad!   But why must I place myself on the line and risk losing my ticket to practice Law.     Indeed, such thought is justified.   Do you see the American Civil Liberties Union leading the fight against this horrendous demonstration of disrespect for Liberty?     Do you see the Media decrying the assault on America?     Do you see the Sheriff of Cook County ordering the arrests of jurists who in the presence of his deputies act well beyond their authority and approve of the harvesting the gold from the teeth of an elderly guardianized victim.  Most people have grown up with the caveat – “do not volunteer!”         Health care fraud has a surcharge of 300% and thus the miscreants are flush and have money to distract the cause of Justice and the Rule of Law.     Thus, most victims lie in their own urine in ‘extended care’ facilities doped to the gills as their hard earned savings and assets are redistributed amongst the guardians and those allied with them.    Law enforcement is aware that it has the burden of proof of “beyond a reasonable doubt” so it painstakingly gathers the evidence that crimes have been committed as the victim go to their final rewards!
The families of victims are desperate!     Mary Sykes is not going to live forever!     The plenary guardian is now so bold as to openly exhibit the redistribution of Mary’s estate by sporting expensive jewelry!     The younger daughter has filed judicial proceedings pro se.     Finding a lawyer to represent her is slightly less difficult than obtaining a Motel reservation on the moon for New Year’s 2015.
What can the victims do!    What can their families do?     The desperation manifests itself in rehabilitating action that makes the advocate appear as a ‘kook!’       This conduct accelerates and ultimately eliminates the advocate from all sympathy of his/her peers*****      The miscreants glory in the spectacle.     Any chance of accomplishing the rescue of a ‘loved one’ entrapped by the cottage industry of elder cleansing is lost irrevocably.      Others join groups that profess to be fighting for Freedom of Speech, Civil Rights, etc.     Some of the groups actually are engaged in such activities; however, there appear in some prolific individuals who are using these groups as cover from racial cleansing, religious cleaning and conduct inconsistent with the core values of America.     Thus, indiscriminate associations also claim casualties that obstruct the cause of justice.
Since I have undertaken this fight as a full time matter I‘ve seen many fine people engaged in the defense of America’s core principles not only in the elder cleansing fight but in the outrage against the ISIS assaults on the Bill Rights self-destruct.     I’ve also seen individuals arise who are not interested in Justice but are interested in using the group to promulgate a parochial bias, malady, etc.     I had to block several individuals who advocate that certain religions and races are the root of all evil.   You name the evil and they will name the religious or racial group that they decree responsible.       Hate sells easily and these individuals are persistent marketers.      They and the elder cleansing miscreants share disrespect for Justice and Honor.
Guilt by association is alive and well in America.       Many of us still believe that “birds of a feather flock together.”    Many of us do not see the color “gray!”      We see only “justice” and “injustice.”       In addressing criminal conduct on the part of corrupt judicial officials and corrupt public officials the concept of “any port in a storm” is not appropriate.        “Hurt feelings” is a luxury that is unavailable.     For the bulk of the friends of the elderly and the disabled we are limited to that HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation.  We have to rely upon law enforcement – even if it takes a long time!      I’ve placed my faith in the Justice Department and Senator Kirk.      I’ve done this because I recognize my limitations and that it appears in Illinois that the ‘ fix is in!’      I learned a long time ago that when the ‘fix’ is in you have to ride it out – Benjamin Franklin’s picture on a treasury note is much more persuasive than “little old me!” [2]
The miscreants are looking for any excuse that they can muster to continue on their very lucrative quests.        Being able to discredit us is a winning strategy.       Our cause is just.      We however are imperfect and impatient and like our children we have been trained to want instant gratification.     It is not going to happen.      The pernicious public officials engaging in the cottage industry of elder cleansing are entrenched and flush with the live savings of their victims.      I’ve been reminded many times that Eric Holder (AG) many times has demonstrated that he is a fighter for Justice and a standup guy.    He is reported to have prosecuted Representative Daniel Rostenkowski, the speaker of the House of Representatives for stealing postage.      He and his successor are our hope that we can save some of the elderly and the disabled who are in dire straits.
Victories are fleeting, defeats are forever.     We need a victory.       The Honest intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation that Jerome Larkin of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission so vigorously opposes would be a first step victory!     Tax enforcement and seeing the miscreants pay the Federal Income taxes that they owe would be a first step victory!

[1] 17 days later after the younger daughter threatened suit the outrageous prevarication became a ‘typo.’   
[2] As I indicated previously bribes no longer are regularly paid in cash.    Corruption is not only the payment of money.    Yes, it usually boils down to a pecuniary gain – however, corruption also includes accepting (or placing) an individual in a position for which he/she is unqualified.     A judge who does not read the statute that she is administrating is corrupt!    A lawyer who ignores the Constitutional mandates is corrupt.   A lawyer who refuses to recognize ADA is corrupt.*****

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