From Ken Ditkowsky — his view on assults against the ADA and the 18th floor of the Daley Center

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Subject: Americans With Disabilities Act – and the Illinois credo – “do not confuse me with the facts, I’ve made up my mind” erstanding that Judge Evans, the Chief Justice of the Circuit Court of Cook County made a special effort to require the Court system to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.    The Justice Department made in very clear to the Indiana Court system that ADA had meaning a harassment of disabled people (including those who were blind and deaf) were entitled to reasonable accommodation.

Ms. Denison reports today on how a Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County treated a woman who has a recognized disability.    

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The hostility that is constantly reported by the elder cleansing victims and their families does cease for moment.    The corrupt judicial officials (like Judge M) are as open and notorious as Jerome Larkin and the IARDC in their bias and vendetta against the elderly and the disabled who have been slated for extinction of Civil and Human rights.     Court watchers have reported ex–parte communications between the legal parasites, and corrupt judicial officials.  (Of course the IARDC and apparently the judicial inquiry board do nothing about these communications – censorship and the “exceptions” to First Amendment, and the interpretations of the Canons of Ethics for lawyers apply only to apply to reporting criminal activity involving the Courts.    Operation Greylord was totally unethical in the world of the Cook County, Illinois courts and the IARDC  – however, they very wisely choose to ignore their version of ethics rather than attempt to suspend or disbar the Attorney General of the United States even when he convicted more than a score of judges and forced several score of judges into early retirement.

Now that Ms. Denison has made the events of December 29, 2014 public, let’s see if the court reporter’s notes disappear.    That was the ‘old way’ of dealing with sticky wickets!    Mr. Larkin and the IARDC are bolder – a few words left out of a transcript and a word or two changed accomplishes the same purpose.   (As the Court reporter records the sounds uttered in the courtroom this gambit is dangerous as the changes can be ascertainained.  It leaves a nasty trail.  HOWEVER when pushed by a victim of this wrongful conduct to disclose the recording  it either disappeared, was stolen, lost etc.  We need the Justice Department to obtain the naked recording of not only this proceeding but the questioned misreporting of Judge Stuart’s testimony in the Denison hearings. 

If the law applies to a merchant it certainly applies to the government and particularly the Justice System.    It is time for the law to be enforced and for the Illinois Justice System (and every other State justice System) to comply with the law.   Law is not “do what I say, not what I do!”     Equal protection of the Law is a core value of America!  

Ken Ditkowsky
And I would think the investigation of the above court room dramas where Judge M argued forcibly the ADA did not apply to her, grilled a disabled woman, threw out a dog that barked once or twice, ought to be a priority of Chief Judge Evans where the courts are under scrutiny for violations of the ADA (see past posts from the US DOJ emphasizing equal access to the courts and enforcement of the ADA to provide full public access to courtrooms, that translators should be paid for by the courts and that the ADA means seniors should not be marginalized into institutions), should be receiving top priority.
The fact that a sitting judge made fun of myself and Mr. Evans as court room watchers and note takers is also troubling.  Our democratic courtrooms only thrive on being open and transparent.  I have yet to be allowed to use my laptop to blog in 1804.  It always turns into a such a hassle and often detracts from the proceeding when reporting should be seamless.

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