Just to show the IARDC this won’t go away, a lawyer just sent me this article….

And while the ARDC is enforcing a code of silence, I just received this from another lawyer who worked on these cases:


Bed sores, isolation, drugging and death are the means of theft and embezzlement with impunity which is becoming rampant in the nation and cannot be ignored even with attorney disciplinary boards cracking down on dissent among attorneys trying to crush and destroy us.

It won’t work.

I took an oath for truth and justice and to defend the US and Illinois constitutions which, I, unlike other lawyers at the ARDC, took seriously.

It is the nadir of the legal profession to turn a blind eye on rampant greed, theft and corruption of the disabled and elderly who cannot speak for themselves.

I, like Ken Ditkowsky and Mr. Lanre Amu, have become poster children for rampant greed and corruption.

This blog is popular, having reached over 70,000 views.  The ARDC does not challenge that figure.  Ken will keep on writing and I will keep on publishing and every day I get more and more and more and more stories of greed, corruption and destruction of the US elderly and their families.

Don’t think I will stop.  This evil is insidious, long entrenched and there is much work to be done and I am up to it.

2 thoughts on “Just to show the IARDC this won’t go away, a lawyer just sent me this article….

  1. Ok here is my idea…. Very quickly I wrote this and I think we should all print it off and send a copy with our OWN signature to the Chicago and possibly other Illinois papers. What do you say? Anybody is welcome to use the piece or modify it if you like. It would be great if we could do it all on the same day. Does anybody have the us mail address and email for the paper? Here comes Thanksgiving what a more perfect time could there be? Remember Miracle on 34th Street? ***********************************

    “……………Dear Chicago Tribune Editor, I know three attorneys in Illinois who should be praised. They have been sanctioned by the bar association for speaking out about corruption in the judicial branch. We know it exists because our loved ones, and ourselves, are victims of that abuse in guardianship cases across the country. Murder, Elder Abuse, Isolation of our loved ones and Theft of the families estate is past epidemic, it is a HOLOCAUST! To excuse it away claiming sibling rivalry is ludicrous. There is no way that rises to the level of trillions of dollars in the pocket of a well oiled syndicated criminal machine on steroids that has no boundaries and extorts peoples “life, liberty and property“. Where are our representatives and superior agencies who are supposed to control corruption in office? If you want proof contact any of us and we will OVERWHELM you. Thank you Mr. Ditkowsky, Ms. Denison, Mr. Amu and all others, who risk your livelihood to speak out for us who are being terrorized by those levying War against us, collaterally adhering to our Enemies, giving Aid and Comfort to each other while claiming they are serving the people.

    WHEREFORE they have committed treason to our country. Art. III Sec.III CL. II. We demand our Trial by Jury for all crimes pursuant to Art. III Sec.II Cl. III……..”

    Praises to God, Loyal to Family and Patriot to Country, Rosanna L. Miller (NASGA member) http://www.eldermurderabuseandexploitation.blogspot.com/2014/02/1-elder-murder-abuse-and-exploitation.html

    740-969-2468 PS if I got something wrong please correct me and will they print my webpage in my letter?………………

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution and the ….COMMON LAW GRAND JURY http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/state-pages-introduction …. so the second will not become the legalized version of the first“. Thomas Jefferson

    From: Glenda Martinez Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2014 1:05 PM To: MaryGSykes.com ; Dr. Sam Sugar ; Kevin Pizzarello ; Barbara Stone ; Teresa Lyles ; Robert Sarhan ; Patty Reid ; Doug Franks ; Tom Fields ; Janet Phelan ; Glenda Martinez ; Ginny Johnson ; iteam@abcactionnews.com ; Joe Roubicek ; KATHLEEN ZAGAROS ; Emma Ladson ; Alyece Russell ; RosANNa Miller ; Marti Oakley ; Marcia Southwick ; Marty Prehn ; Ed Miller ; Nancy Vallone ; Steven Nero ; Probate Sharks ; Rudy Bush ; Richard Cordero ; Alan Sayler ; Sherrin Smith ; Truthbetoldradio ( ; Harry Heckert ; Debby Valdez ; Angela Woodhull ; Fiduciary Watch ; Andy Ostrowski ; Bill Scheidler ; Mark R. Ferran ; Dr. Rich Swier ; Attorney Dr Richard Fine Subject: Re: [New post] Just to show the IARDC this won’t go away, a lawyer just sent me this article….

    Dear Joanne,

    I am completely appalled at your being suspended for three years!!! Please send your inspiring blog you sent me earlier to friends above to see for themselves!

    Can you Appeal, and would it be of any use to do so?

    We, and I’m sure I speak for your thousands of your followers and supporters, we are willing, ready, and able to do all necessary to combat this flagrant abuse of one more of honest attorneys who are trying to fight to stop the corruption, and the guardianship and other abuses in probate courts.

    You have all our support in anything you decide is proper to do now to legally fight this…please let us know how we may be able to help. You have a group of followers in Florida and all over who admire your courage, passion and sincere desire to stop abuse.

    Please email us to and us know how we can help.


    Glenda and Alan Smith

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