THREE YEARS! Yeah! I am proud to announce that the ARDC says I am suspended for 3 years!

My question, why not 3,000 years.  I mean if your going to lie and deceive, go big.

So here it is, the ARDC calls me today and I am busy with corrupt cases, most notably the attempts to cause the demise of one Mr. Allen Frake at Sunrise in Park Ridge and you all can find a copy of the Report to the Court that I sent to Judge Quinn, Ted Rhodes and Kerry Peck and Jesse Footlik about how he is clearly doped up, he cannot lift up his head, his voice is now barely inaudible, and the ARDC leaves me a voice mail message that I should call about the results from my trial.  I don’t really care and I’m not going to return that message.  I know what it will be and the reality is, I don’t want it until I can publish it and tear it apart for all its sublime hypocrisy.

Okay, I already know the results.  Since January of 2014, Mr. Seth Gillman, an attorney, has not been disciplined by the ARDC but the US Atty in the ND of Illinois has charged him with about $100 million in Medicare fraud.  No discipline by Jerome Larkin.  Nope.  Not even a hint. Alice Gore has 29 gold teeth pulled and then she is starved and dehydrated to death by the “guardian” and her attorney Miriam Solo.  No discipline there by Jerome Larkin.  John Wyman’s mother is nearly killed by his guardian, placing her against her will in one of the most dangerous nursing homes in Illinois–Jerome Larkin utterly refused Mr. Wyman’s book I sent over as a complaint detailing the horrors.  Sharon Opryszek said the book “was inappropriate.”  Got it.  Death and destruction reigns with impunity.

Mr. Kerry Peck, I found out from my beloved audience had 3 children who went to law school on the tax payers dime and all were admitted to the bar, and he is still practicing.  Huge scandal reported in the Chicago Tribune.  JL does not do a thing about that.  According to the Trib Article Mr. Peck makes campaign contributions of $120,000 to the “right pols”.  Got it.  Oh, and btw, he’s also the kind of guy that says it’s okay to dope up the ward, chemically restrain him and leave him in pain, whispering “I want to die”.  Got it.

Now we have the 3 years suspension for running this blog.

A blog, are you kidding?

I have not filed an appearance on the Sykes case ($1 million in valuable coins missing, Mary Sykes railroaded, the case without jurisdiction).  But I do encourage people in Chicago and the State of Illinois to report corruption and demand investigations.  So that’s three years.

Why don’t they just give me 3,000 years?

They want to shut down this blog, they want to keep me from telling the truth, it won’t happen.

I will continue to do it, just as Ken Ditkowsky, WHO HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG AND IS A HERO OF EVERY COURT ROOM VICTIM OUT THERE, has not shut up.  He still writes emails, letters and faxes daily from his home.  Of course, now he has to deal with his wife, but he can do that too!

Ken is 78 years old and every day he gets up to write letters of protest.  Every day I try to blog promoting judicial integrity, honesty and ethics in Illinois courtrooms, and esp. at the Daley Center in Chicago.  I have many, many indigent clients that depend upon me.  I eschew anyone corrupt and wealthy who lives on corruption.

The ARDC wants to ban the word corruption.  I get that.

Every day Ken Ditkowsky now writes and gets others to write letters, faxes and emails to the authorities demanding for a Federal grand jury investigation of Jerome Larkin.  I am swept up in that, but I am proud to say I agree with him.

Something is seriously wrong in River City folks, and I will report on that. Today, tomorrow and out into the future.

My heroes are Ken Ditkowsky and Richard Fine and Michael Shakman who have said, enough is enough.  Truth and justice must be our goals–not KYA and cover ups and kiss ups and utter denials.

I am here to be the flame for everyone else.  I may not have made much money doing this, I struggle every month, but I would rather do that than take a dime from a bribe or any ongoing corruption in the courts.  They have broken my windshield at 60 mph on the Kennedy, they have called me with repeated obnoxious threats, they have put sugar in my gas tank.  You know what?  It is worth it to protect freedom and democracy in Chicago and our nation.

I want to leave this earth with my tail feathers on, and if that means I have to fight the likes of people with millions of dollars, fancy offices and clout and clout and clout. So be it.

Oh, and BTW, just to add to the consternation of the ARDC, I was at the Office of Public Guardian today, one of the worst abusers of the the probate system and with many, many documented complaints and files, and I took up a check and a court order today because the attorney either forgot or could not be bothered to attend court, she never did say what happened, but this is a place where their “wards” complain they were put against their will into locked down nursing homes, chemically restrained against their will. When they escaped, they had to live on the street. When they called the OPG for THEIR OWN MONEY for food or housing, the calls were either never returned or they were told to “go back to the nursing home” where they could be locked up never to see the light of day and be shot up with horse tranquilizers, they were then evicted, put on the street to eat out of garbage cans in winter, sleep in zero weather, and THE OPG NEVER RETURNED CALLS.

These were people with paid up bungalows, cars and bank accounts.  Trust funds.  Believe me, when the OPG (called by them to be “Office of Public Greed”)  got involved all of this was drained and after some years, those “wards” were left destitute and homeless.  Then the OPG resigns as guardian.  Yeah, right, when all the funds were gone.

The upshot on the OPG?  Does it live up to it’s friendly website.  Heck no.  You have to get “a guard” to escort you up. You have to be on the “visitor list”.  You get upstairs and it’s all heavy doors and key fobs and bullet proof glass.

Friendly counselors there to help the aged and disabled?  Heck no.  They should just put their cash register out front.

So ask not why your government is so corrupt when this is all over, ask what you could have done to prevent it.  I am out there fighting each and every day.  Please join me.

And thanks to Ms. Chris for volunteering in my office today. I could not spend much time with her, but she was a breath of fresh air.

12 thoughts on “THREE YEARS! Yeah! I am proud to announce that the ARDC says I am suspended for 3 years!

  1. OMG, they actually DID that? You tell the truth on your blog and you get slapped with this injustice? So unfair. No one is talking about punishing Rush Limbaugh for telling lies on his blog. But you tell the truth and are suspended for three years? I am just speechless in wonderment and indignation over how these tools in the ARDC can even live with themselves.

    Maybe this Christmas, like Ebenezer Scrooge, they too will be visited by righteous ghosts and get their comeuppance.

    Joanne, you are my hero for sure!

    • Thanks Jane. You know how it is. You have to be brave. You have to tell the truth. You have to fight for the good fight. And my fight is to stop the murder of the elderly by the Probate Court and by the Office of the Public Guardian. What I have found out is they kill people here (or attempt to do so) (Sykes, Gore, Bedin, Drabik, etc.) and then they cover it up, intimidate attorneys who want to tell the truth thereby creating an “attorney code of silence” I simply will NOT be a part of.
      We have to fight all of this. I think what you publish and have published is completely excellent. You are an angel. We will prevail, if not here in this “valley of death”, then elsewhere. Thanks for your kind words






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    • You’re right it’s not utopia, but we do have an US constitution and an Illinois constitution that says I have free speech. And sometimes, we just have to fight to keep our open and free and democratic society. That’s what Ken and I and Mr. Lanre Amu are all about. If we are challenged by miscreants, we shout and scream that this is unjust, unfair and a travesty of justice. Gloria Sykes and Janet Phelan are the same–reporters that have been scammed in probate and won’t shut up.
      Those that want to control, to hide, to embezzle, to steal with impunity want us silenced and it just won’t happen.

  4. Well My hat Is off to you, I wear a Stetson. You may think it is a little over board but I see the day is coming when my very clean and well oiled six shooters may be a necessary evil. I have made up my mind that as long as they leave me alone they have nothing to worry about. If or when this country crashes those evil people will have no protection. I am very accurate in point and shoot circumstances. You point and I shoot. I believe their day of reckoning is coming. I am one heck of a good shot and a very conservative Southern Baptist. I am armed to the teeth for what is coming. I will be playing by martial law rules no constitution no laws and no authority Martial law effectively suspends the constitution and their by suspending the authority of government. The governments authority only exists because of the constitution, No constitution no authority the people have the authority to declare martial law to replace the entire government with the constitution in tact. without a constitution there is no government. Chaos and anarchy may exist for a few weeks to several months but when it happens those in government will disappear. Then we can re ratify the constitution and start all over. The framers of the constitution were hunted men with a price on their heads. They gave us a constitution and bill or rights and told us it would be hard work to keep it. I have my own copy. The constitution is not perfect but it is the finest document of it’s kind. Many years a go I swore an oath to defend it. I have never recanted that oath. Read your Bible, an oath is a guaranteed promise to God himself. I believe God will sort out any mistakes I make when the time comes to start shooting and honor my oath. I am very happy to teach patriots to shoot well so come on out to Arizona for some free lessons.

    • I hear your frustration, but I believe anarchy is not the answer. We need to hold law enforcement and the attorneys and judges accountable. We need to have them tested and eliminated if they are a psychopath (insensitive or indifferent to the suffering of others) or narcissistic (only cares about themselves and how much money they can grab).
      These are not good people to put in charge of either children, the disabled or elderly.
      We need only those lawyers, judges and guardians that are kind, caring and most of all, compassionate.
      that is what is missing in the legal system. Right now, it’s all about the money and the deals that can be made and no one seems to care about the cash for grandma and gradpa schemes that are going on.

  5. Those with the bravery, character & backbone who run this blog, Ken Ditkowsky.. these are the types of people who built America up to what it is today, juxtaposed to attorney’s like Miriam using tricks, loopholes to their advantage & possibly taking ‘joy’ from ‘murder’ they involve themselves in. It’s tragic.

      • It was unclear til I took a closer look at the header links and saw ‘contact us’, I might have worded my compliment in an unclear fashion. :-/ Thanks again and God bless you, JoAnne!!!!

      • The last contact I had with Miriam Solo was by email, after I read it, seemed like it was the ramblings of someone who’d been walking around dressed like a Roman Emperor. No one will see the results of her ACTUAL psych evaluation as she appears to be useful in this way to some very sick people.

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