In Chicago, where the dead can vote–early and often!

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What is amazing is the fact that we tolerate so many corrupt political and judicial officials.    For as long as I can remember Cook County Illinois has had corrupt political figures as part of our landscape.   Voter fraud was a tradition.   One political figure actually pointed out the philosophy of the political structure when he stated:

 “why should a person lose his franchise to vote just because he died!”

Indeed, the dead marched to the pols and voted for the party of their choice!     Similarly, we had some of the best judges money could purchase.    Prosecutors were quite candid during operation Greylord in their dismay at finding so many judges being purchased.    Two hundred dollars purchased the chief judge of the Chancery Division.

Today, the improvement is negative.    Openly and notoriously senior citizens and the disabled are being abused and exploited by judicial appointees whose avarice is unlimited.    The Bill of Rights is assaulted and gang raped at the Courthouse by blackrobed criminals who are protected by highly paid public officials such as Jerome Larkin.   In case you were not aware, Larkin was employed to protect the public from exactly the corruption that can be observed any day (Monday through Friday) on the 18th Floor of the Daley Center. [1]     Somehow Larkin got confused and he openly and notoriously acts in concert with the *****(censored!)

It may be beating a dead horse, but, a pollution that Jerome Larkin brings to the legal profession in aiding and abetting and/or acting in concert with the corrupt jurists, guardians, and assorted felons is intolerable.      I have been urging an HONEST intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation of Larkin and his co-conspirators (including his over-paid attorneys at the IARDC) so as to root out and prosecute the elder cleansers who rob the elderly and the disabled of the American dream, but, in reality that is not enough.

The following article I copied from the internet makes the point:

Church should not fear change, pope says at close of Bishop’s gathering

Under a brilliant blue sky in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis beatified the late Pope Paul VI on Sunday. The lavish ceremony comes at the end of a two-week-long assembly of bishops that revealed


Corruption is like “bad breath,” says Pope Francis, “it is hard for the one who has it to realize it; others realize it and have to tell him.”

In an address to a delegation of the International Association of Penal Law this morning, Francis commented on a variety of troubling international legal issues, including the widespread problem of corruption, which he called “a greater evil than sin.”

According to Francis, remorse is possible only when one is aware of evil, which is not the case with a corrupt person.

“The corrupt person does not perceive his corruption,” the Pope said. “For this reason, it is difficult for the corrupt person to get out of his state through remorse of conscience. More than forgiven, this evil must be cured,” he said.

“The scandalous concentration of global wealth,” said Francis, “is possible through the connivance of political authorities.”

“Few things are harder than opening a breach in a corrupt heart,” Francis continued. “When the personal situation of the corrupt becomes complicated, he knows all the loopholes to escape as did the dishonest steward of the Gospel.”

“The corrupt person goes through life taking the shortcuts of opportunism,” said the Pope, “with an air of innocence, wearing the mask of an honest person, which he begins to believe.” The corrupt person “cannot accept criticism, discredits anyone who criticizes him, tries to belittle any moral authority who would question him, does not value others and insults anyone who thinks differently. If the balance of power permits, he persecutes anyone who contradicts him.”

Unfortunately, according to Francis, the problem is widespread.

“Corruption has become natural, a personal and social custom, a common practice in commercial and financial transactions, in public procurement, in any negotiation involving State agents,” he said.

The panorama is not pretty, and there are no quick fixes.

“What can criminal law do against corruption?” the Pope asked.

“Penalties are selective,” the Pope said. “They are like a net that captures only the small fish, while leaving the big ones free in the sea,” Francis added.

“Still,” says Francis, “the Lord never tires of knocking on the doors of the corrupt. Corruption is powerless against hope.”

[1] Not all the judges on the 18 th Floor are corrupt.      Unfortunately, the guardianship cases has exposed several judges whose corruption qualifies for a Nobel prize.      Judge Connors’ evidence deposition at pages 89, to the end demonstrates just how unjudicial the courts have become.    Her August 2009 and August 2010 utterances recorded in the Report of Proceedings in case 09 P 4585 are amazing and demonstrate the corruption of a judge who apparently administered a statute for 12 years without bothering to either read it or understand it.     Had she read it – as an example – she would have known in August 2009 that the petition before her to declare Mary Sykes was defective, no jurisdiction had been obtained, and that she had very specific and very procrustean obligations (pursuant to the Civil Rights Act) as to Mary Sykes.      The statement in her evidence deposition that if someone had called to her attention the lack of jurisdiction she would have vacated her order done things properly and come to the same result represents the apex of corruption and the nadir of the legal profession.

Ken Ditkowsky

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