Behind all evil on the 18th floor—what names are found most in adverse publicity.

what I don’t understand is there are protests, but where are the voters?

According to its website, Robert Harris was appointed by Timothy Evans and Timothy Evans is selected as presiding judges by the judges themselves.

What about Quinn and her keeping Mildred in a nursing home against her will?

Quinn is an associate judge and she is appointed by the presiding judges.

So I guess we can’t directly blame the voters for this mess.

I want to thank the anti-eviction coalition for bringing this case to the attention of the public.  Thank heavens for blogs.


3 thoughts on “Behind all evil on the 18th floor—what names are found most in adverse publicity.

    • Good question. RICO. The concept, statues and intent all seem to fit probate, correct? RICO was popular, for about a decade and then it was killed and trashed. Nowadays, if you want to file RICO, expect to get sanctioned and that’s the truth. Grant Goodman filed RICO on 8 cases in Florida–all good probate cases, similar to yours and others on the blog. I will email him now and find out what happened with that civil rights/RICO case.
      I know you are suffering and in pain, but don’t take it out on me. You are indeed preaching to the choir.
      I found this on one of his cases, still looking for something on RICO. I know he sent me the complaint soon as he filed. I don’t know if it was denied or if it is held up. I have another great case against an insurance company–Humana–who always denies rehab claims against the elderly. Client appealed the process all the way up (rare and impossible) and won, so the question is now, can she get damages. We are waiting 11 months after briefs submitted. No answer. Can’t get an answer. I might be able to file a writ of mandamus to get an answer.
      Go figure.
      one article I found:

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