From Colorado–both grave concerns and great praise for the CO probate system!

A recent articles discusses many of the issues we find right now in probate in Illinois.

The article points out some very interesting aspects of probate, such as a ward can pay one lawyer to have them declared incompetent, and then right away or even at the same time, they must pay for a lawyer to get out of the guardianship and gain independence.

The article also notes paying exorbitant prices for mundane services such as shoe or gift shopping for a ward, making dental and medical appointments, managing medical care (recently I learned of a case where Rehab Assist, an Esformes company beloved by the 18th floor of the Daley center is getting $5,000 per month for being a “medical case supervisor” on a patient that just has standard dementia, and who would never get this service if the estate were small or the ward indigent.  Go figure.


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