Announcing (and a need for help) our move to 5940 Touhy #120

Dear Readers;

As many of you know, I moved from Fremont to Touhy to help out Ken Ditkowsky when the ARDC suddenly, and without warning summarily suspended his law license, I moved to his offices and helped the best I could with transferring his cases and making sure that clients were not disappointed or left behind in the wake of Ken’s being honest and truthful, despite all odds.

Subsequently, Ken’s office was flooded with sewage (black water) due to a broken stack pipe.  It happened once when I came (about mid March) and then because they did not replace the bathroom stacks, it happened again, about mid May.  Landlord (Imperial) did not seem to care much, and they did no black water remediation the second time around, so after a couple of weeks, in the heat and humidity, sever mold started to grow.  Ken and I emailed building management, but received no response. Then, Ken’s long time friend and CPA, Joe Dubow got quite ill and had to leave every day very early due to exhaustion.  He thought it was a cold.  He went to his doctor.  I gave him Lypospheric vitamin C, plenty of it, and despite this, he was very ill. I told him if that didn’t knock it out, it had to be something, very, very serious.  It was. It was the black water mold.

To shorten the story, I have to move again. Sigh.  But all during this time, I will continue to blog and not let any of my probate and court corruption victims down. So continue to send your stories and comments and I will help you all out and continue to publish during yet a 3rd move.

I can’t stay here, so we’re moving to the 1st floor, which is very good because many probate victims come in wheel chairs.  I now have plenty of parking, which is not the case with 1512 N Fremont, as many of you will recall.  That building also had severe problems in that I work all hours, often leave late at night and that neighborhood isn’t all that great.  Niles is much better.  Plus, there is tons of parking out back here.  And it’s 10 min. from my house.  Many benefits all around.

If anyone has time and ability, I will be moving in items from my house and garage which were stored during this transition period.  I also have a POD with all my files (and your files) which will be arriving first thing tomorrow.  I will be here.  Then I have a hearing in the afternoon.  Sigh.  Email me if you can help me move or you know of anyone free or cheap (ie, free pizza or Al’s Beef, which is right next door).

So bring me your poor, your tired (of court) and weary (of court corruption) and I will help you.  I spend tons of time on helping people.  Now I need a bit of help moving to my new office so I can continue to do good work for the many victims of corruption in the Cook County Court system and nationwide.

If you can’t do this because you lack funds or physical strength, just let me know and I will pray for you.




7 thoughts on “Announcing (and a need for help) our move to 5940 Touhy #120

  1. Dear Mary, Thank you for always letting me know how Joanne and Ken are doing.  They are admirable persons besides being so intelligent and sincere. I had looked into some probono large firms as Joanne had asked few weeks ago, not far from her office, and got some names but have been unable to forward them to her. I am completely distraught at my husband very drugged and abused condition, he may die any moment and that terrifies me that he could die without being able to see me.  The abusive guardian has him isolated from  me and friends, he doesnt allow anyone in his room at the nursing home where he put him in. My beloved Alan lies languishing on a bed drugged and with not therapies or anything>  He is deprived of all dignity in his last months, only abuse is provided to him.  He was drugged into a stupor and put a peg feeding tube into his stomach, the last time friends saw him, and he is completely non verbal due to the stopping of his speech and physical therapies by the abusive guardian. I am going crazy of anguish and pain in my heart and soul, but if I go to see my husband to the nursing home the abuser will have me arrested! I probably will try to get on Marti’s show.

    Take care, and God Bless, Glenda

    • Dear Glenda;
      Please don’t give up hope. Call me anytime and I’d love to discuss your case with you. First of all, psychotropic drugs are NOT recommended for anyone over 60 or anyone over 20. That is not FDA approved and the doc prescribing can get into big trouble.
      While few attorneys will go up against this kind of shenanigans, Ken and I will help you out the best we can. 773 255 7608 or office 312 553 1300.
      Don’t be shy.

    • dear jane;
      you are too kind. what other way is there at looking at things?
      but long ago I learned that if I cried over things I personally perceived as disappointment, my mascara would run, i’d have to clean that all up and put more on, so what’s the point of that.
      further, as us oldsters know, you never know when something turns out to be a blessing in the end, if only you use your patience as a tool.
      So I move and move and move again. But what I really like is that I always get to help people


  2. FYI

    I this the reason things are the way they are…Our nation needs all the blessings it can get, keep up asking a higher being for blessings and discernment.


    On Wednesday, September 17, 2014 5:16 PM, Alyece Russell wrote:

    My father was in the military so this is very special for me to pass.

    Forwarded message ———- From: Dawn Date: Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 4:15 PM Subject: Fwd: PLEASE RESPOND TO THE MESSAGE AT THE END To:

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