Other attorneys concerned about corruption

Dear Readers;

Tonight a probate victim wrote me about how she will be on a major radio station this weekend and talking about Daley center corruption and how the ARDC covers up and whitewashes corruption–a situation of grave concern in Illinois.

I told her she has my complete support and undivided attention.

But I wonder how many other attorneys and court room victims will call or write me so that we can instill truth, justice and integrity into Washington and Dearborn Avenues?

Let me know if any of you are interested and I will be glad to get you the call in number and information.

It is important that we speak out where we see a lack of justice and truth in our courtrooms.

Please contact me if interested. Bev Cooper is always looking for court room victims and lawyers to come on her show and speak the truth, talk about the need for justice at Washinton, Dearborn and Randolph in Chicago.


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