From Ken Ditkowsky–grant writing and what is needed in the area of Probate watching

This is in response to someone writing our group to do grant writing for us so we can expand:

Dear Mr. X.

glad to have you aboard.

From very limited inquiry, the first step in grant writing is to define exactly what the organization is going to do.

After we know what we are about, application has to be made to an entity that might be interested in funding such an endeavor.

so far from my observation post we have talked in very general terms, talked about grant applications and have been very vague as to whom we are making application.

My conception of the entity Justice for All is as follows:

1) it would be a clearing house for the victims of elder cleansing and their families – i.e. it would provide referrals for the needed services and alert law enforcement to serious violations of the law so that they could conduct honest intelligent complete and comprehensive investigations of the miscreants. The entity would also weed out the people whose complaints had little merit.
2) it would maintain a staff of social workers, attorneys and support staff dedicated to the sole purpose of providing legal aid to the aforesaid victims and support in the effort to address the serious civil rights violations of law promulgated by the guardianship abuse, avarice of political and judicial officials, and other causes.
3) it would provide court watchers who would appear at court hearings and report abuses.
4) it would assist law enforcement in all relevant manners.

I do not have a clue who would fund such a venture. As a charity or foundation serious safeguards would have to be installed so that a miscreant group could not take over the venture and use it to an adverse advantage. The object here is to make it inconvenient for the Court, its appointees, law enforcement, et al to not do the job that the State pays them to do. The object is to force strict compliance with the State statutes that apply to guardianship and prevent the probate court from being a cash cow for every scavenger attorney around.

Ken Ditkowsky

All great ideas if someone knows of a foundation or grant provider for this venture, please contact me.


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