When the US govt crushes dissent, will I get 3 years like Sina Weibo?

From the Daily Mail, UK:

Sina Weibo has been jailed for 3 years for running a popular Chinese blog on the internet.  Prosecutors said Qin Zhihui had ‘seriously harmed social order’ by posting inaccurate reports on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter (read that, something a Chinese party member didn’t like).  He also apologized, but did a “Joanne apology”– “I don’t want to defend myself” (because the next thing is they take me out back and shoot me and grind up the bits for the river) and “I hope my experience is a good lesson to other microbloggers.” (The govt will seriously crush your dissent and free speech).

So my question to the IARDC and my tribunal now is:

1) will I get 3 years like Quin Zhihui?  Would that be a fitting analogy?  Should Ken ask for a reduced sentence because they give less in Communist China where people have no first amendment?

2) Does this blog “seriously harm social order”?

Ken Ditkowsky got 4 years suspension for speaking out and investigating for Mary G. Sykes.  He was threatened by Peter Schmeidel and Adam Stern, according to his recently filed suit, not to investigate or he would be sanctioned.

How many other attorneys are threatened directly or indirectly when estates are drained 80 to 90% by fees?  When the deals are made?  Does the probate clerk’s office keep those statistics?  Do they automatically investigate?  Are such statistics sent to the IRS for investigation?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Remember, this is the official blog of attorney misconduct and crushing dissent in the US.  Only if and when the ARDC exonerates me and Ken will our country be truly free again.  It’s up to the public.  The problems and issues in the Chicago are historic.


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