From Attorney Tom Weiss, as published in Disabled World

Dear Tom;

Thank you so much for published in your article your experiences in the probate area of the Daley Center.

I agree with you, most nurses and aides are professional, kind and caring and therefore attracted to taking care of our most vulnerable but precious population–the disableds and elders.

On a darker side, there will always be a strong minority that are attracted to nursing homes for everything they can 5 finger–clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.–even and sometimes especially the drugs.  Nursing homes are chock full of psychotropic drugs that mostly tranquilize, make one happy when you’re not really happy and you forget your problems and sleep instead of being a productive, useful citizen.  They mask pain, real and emotional.   Like Nurse Jackie, many will work in a hospital or nursing home setting.

From personal experience and from the experiences of others, I know of the thefts, the drugs, the people working at these places.  I already have one ward where we have reported to the court the ward was found several times lying in her own urine in the morning for hours because the nurses won’t take her to the bathroom in the night, and then she was found alone, on the toilet, not knowing how to get up and finish by herself.

The response of the Sister and POA for this frail vulnerable woman–find a new and better nursing home (in this case the Sister cannot be cared for at home because she has maniac attacks, is violent and will keep her caretakers up all night at times).

The response of the court?  An incredulous order not to move, and another order to freeze ALL her assets, without notice or hearing!  The Illinois Probate Act says that a POA has to do something serious or something involving substantial harm to terminate the POA’s (this time a sister), ability to move a person or pay their bills.

Those are advance directives.  Who among us wants the state to step in and willy nilly terminate our advance directives?

The OPG, of course, was involved.  The GAL was involved AND the attorney for the brother.

No one is concerned about her abuse, which was reported to the state, which of course has done nothing. Meanwhile the POA has found a new nursing home, but this poor woman can’t be moved–by court order, and no nursing home can now be paid–per court order.

So Tom, thank you for speaking out and quoting Ken.  I don’t know if it will cost you your license for telling the truth, but if you are going down this activist path and fighting the system, Ken and I thank you and applaud you.

And if they come after you and you want to keep your law license, Like Mr. Sina Weibo in China, (oops, almost typed Chicago–must be Freudian), just apologize and blame myself and Ken.  We see this all the time mucking around probate.  BUT unless you adhere to the autocracy and code of silence in Chicago–be forewarned.  The ARDC is policing blogging by attorneys.  Unless and until Ken and I are exonerated, they are on the side of Dissent Crushers and Powers that Be–no better than those found in N. Korea or China, because first, they always go after the lawyers who are reporting on the dirty truths no one wants to hear.  After they have crushed that, they will move on to the general populace, First Amendment or not–until the public screams and demands enforcement of their Bill of Rights those rights will be in serious danger from the Dissent Crushers and Powers that Be.


PS–this is a true story.  I would normally publish names and dates but the ARDC has chilled my speech.  If you want names and dates, write me privately with a list of your activist accomplishments.

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