From Gloria — her Move On petition is Moving on quite well!

From: GLORIA Jean SYKES <>
Sent: Apr 7, 2014 8:33 PM
To: JoAnne M Denison <>
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Subject: RE: Help me spread the word: stop guardianship abuse

Of course you can publish JD.  You received an email that went out this morning by that I wrote.  We are at 104 signatures.  Yesterday since I worked the social media we got 52 signatures, which is wonderful.  Today only 7.  I have been bogged down with other matters, alhough this is of the greatest importance.

JD, you and your followers actually believe that getting out the information is easy — well, in a sense it is.  That the masses understand, well that’s another story. It is why I also copied Kathie.

he sheer number of victims of the Holocaust continues  to inspire awe:  between five and six million.  But the Holocaust took place in the midst of a global war that eventually killed between fifty and sixty million people.
Jews and Americans were all aware of the Nazi anti-Semitism regime’s beginning in what, 1933, if not earlier.  I think it culminated in Kristallnacht (sp) in 1938, and was widly reported in the American Press and repeatedly denounced at all levels of American society.  No one doubted that Jews were high on the list of actual and potential victims: what people didn’t know is that the (gas chamber) horrors were of the elderly, disabled and children — the useless.. and this is where or what needs to be understood in the Guardianship of American Holocaust and it’s similarities and this special fate that Hitler reserved for the elderly, disabled and children (Jews of Europe) was not known to America until much much later.

Americans heard of the horrors, but could not comprehend.

Thus, after the Soviet recapture of Kiev, the New York Times correspondent traveling with the Red Army underlined that while Soviet officials claimed that tens of thousands of Jews had been killed at Babi Yar, “no witnesses to the shooting … talked with the correspondents”; “it is impossible for this correspondent to judge the truth or falsity of the story told to us”; “there is little evidence in the ravine to prove or disprove the story.”

Am I making sense?  The Cottage Industry has set the American Holocaust of the elderly and disabled in the Probate arena — where the illusion is created that, “in the best interest”, people are guardianized, isolated, over medicated and liquidated.  Evidence to the contrary will not be seen until the Ward is dead.  That is when all the investigations, arrests, et. al take place. When I started this journey I was told by the DuPage States Attorney’s office that they didn’t have the resources to investigate but would do so, after Mother was dead.

The reports from victims, adult children or caretakers who try to help their loved one, are at times confusing and contradictory and all the time, left over from the horror stories of the abusive guardianship.  My mother is I believe still alive and she hand wrote the petition for an order of protection and that document, certified by State employees, is the smoking gun — as are the other hand written letters she wrote, videos, and even the letter Dr. Patel wrote to Toerpe on June 15, 2009.

The American newspapers published relatively little about the ongoing Holocaust, it was in part because there was little hard news about it to present — only secondhand and third hand reports of problematic authenticity. News is event-, not process-oriented: bombing raids, invasions, and naval battles are the stuff of news, not delayed, often hearsay accounts of the wheels of the murder machine grinding relentlessly on.

NASGA reports or republishes articles about guardians defrauding the system, embezzling money, even lawyers money laundering elders estates, but in all cases, it’s after the elder or disabled is dead.  As the Holocaust is unbelievable, so are the facts, for example, in the Sykes case.  Unbelievable.  This is why they had the Naperville police demand you and Scott delete your smart phones of all photographs and videos of mother and mother and me.  This is why my mother is isolated from all people who care enough to report the truth: this is why they have silenced her, too.

THE COTTAGE INDUSTRY OF LAWYERS  have a game plan and it’s been in effect for a very long time so we have no statistics: there are no autopsies; the paper trail is little if any.  But not in the Sykes case.  The Sykes case pursues justice and expose the lawyers who orchestrate the  unbelievable atrocities against the elderly and disabled.

Perhaps another reason for limited press attention to the continuing murders of Europe Jewry was that in a sense, it wasn’t interesting. We are interested in the televangelist caught with the bimbo, the gangster who is devout in his religious observance: vice where we expect virtue, virtue where we expect vice; the politician sleeping with the bimbo; that which shatters our preconceptions. To a generation that was not witness to the apparently limitless depravity of the Nazi regime, the Holocaust may tell us something about what mankind is capable of. But Americans in the early forties took it for granted that Nazism was the embodiment of absolute evil, even if the sheer scale of its crimes was not appreciated.

Similar here.  Guardianship abuse of the elderly and disabled is not interesting to the masses because, I believe, it is so unbelievable that an adult child would do to their parent what, for example Carolyn Toerpe is doing — had done already — to my mother, let alone me.  But is it all Toerpe?  No.  Its the lawyers like Peter Schmiedel who have perfected the abuse, the financial exploitation, the money laundering, the isolation, et. al, and under the color of the law, it all appears legal — just like the murder of the elderly, disabled and children during a WAR.

The man in the street is ill informed and with all of these self-published books, these non-professional so called documentaries, the blogs, where information is not fact checked, where only one side of the story is given (other than to say, x refused to be interviewed, or comment),  the Cottage Industry flourishes.

William Casey, later the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was head of secret intelligence in the European theater for the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor of the CIA.

“The most devastating experience of the war for most of us was the first visit to a concentration camp…. We knew in a general way that Jews were being persecuted, that they were being rounded up … and that brutality and murder took place at these camps. But few if any comprehended the appalling magnitude of it. It wasn’t sufficiently real to stand out from the general brutality and slaughter which is war.”

Lawyers, hiding behind the protections of guardianships have created the illusions that everything is good, and the Ward is happy, and healthy, and whatever else makes the average person and the media ignore the truth:  what is happening to my mother and me isn’t sufficiently real to stand out from the seemingly goodness of court appointed Guardianship(s).

William L. Shirer, the best-selling author of Berlin Diary, who during the war was a European correspondent for CBS, (I believe) reported that it was only at the end of 1945 that he learned “for sure” about the Holocaust; the news burst upon him “like a thunderbolt.”

It is my duty to generate news articles, documentary programs, and ultimately the book, that will burst upon America “like a thunderbolt”, and this petition is the beginning.

Not many Americans had knowledge of the Holocaust as it was going on as the egregious abuses of the elderly and disabled today, under Guardiansips, because, JoAnne, just like the slaughter of the Jews, there is (and was)  an inclination on the part of many to avert their eyes from things too painful to contemplate.

I myself spent a good portion of the trip to DC averting my eyes from the pain of knowing how much mother is suffering at the hands of Carolyn Toerpe, and the criminal attorneys Schmiedel, Stern, and Farenga, the dangerous impartiality and vindictiveness of Judges Stuart and Connors, and Justice Epstien, Schmiedel’s buddy who sits on the Illinois Appellate Court:
Life magazine, in 1945, printed a letter from a distressed reader which will headline one of my chapters in the book. It goes like this:

“Why, oh why, did you have to print that picture? The truth of the atrocity is there and can never be erased from the minds of the American people, but why can’t we be spared some of it? The stories are awful enough but I think the picture should be retained for records and not shown to the public.”

The picture in question was not of Jewish bodies stacked like cord-wood at a liberated concentration camp, but of a captured American airman on his knees, being beheaded by a Japanese officer. Similar, the digital recordings of my mother speaking her mind against the pictures we’ve painted of the abusive reality and subsequent murder she faces.

We are at WAR with attorneys like Schmiedel, Stern and Faranga — not the Courts even though it’s the Courts who sanction the atrocities against the elderly and disabled.  Only when we lock up the foot soldiers, Schmiedel, Stern and Farenga, will this abuse stop.

The abuse must stop.

I need another 50 signatures, although I would like thousands, but my mother doesn’t have time — although 1000 signatures would probably be a given by next week.  I need to move now.

Thank you.

Gloria J. Sykes
(edited for typos only)

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