From KKD — where is the action against Senior Cleansing and the do nothing agencies

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 8, 2014 4:49 AM
To: Aleyse Lessura Blog fan , Janet Phelan , Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan , Jim Simms , Jo Anne M Denison , NASGA , probate sharks , GLORIA SYKES

 That is the problem  – all the legislation, all the talk, all the petitions, all the **** mean nothing if no one in law enforcement will do their job and address the criminal actions.
The “victory” in keeping some billboard is exactly what the Court should have ruled.   It is consistent and mandated by the April 4 M case and the Citizens United case.   The conservative majority of the Supreme Court is responsible for both decisions.   These decisions cut both ways!
Now let us add up the score.   1) the legislature passes bills that are consistent with truth in justice – i.e. it is exactly what we want.
2) the Administrative branch of government sits on its hands and does nothing.   3) the judicial branch rules that we have the right to talk.
Big Freaking deal!
In 1950 plus at the University of Chicago the very conservative faculty of the University found a way to be deemed liberal, win the hearts and minds of the radical student body, and obtain zillions of dollars in funding.   Thus, when the radical students at other Universities marched, carried signs, made peace not war etc the University campus was peaceful.
How did they do it?   When the radicals want to talk they talked, they talked and they talked and they talked some more.    You want a student bill of rights – OK write one and we will talk about it!   You want x – we will listen to you.    Of course nothing every happened beyond talk!!!!   In Illinois we legislation that if enforced will solve the elder cleansing problem.   Our problem is that the legislation is merely words and paper that no one pay attention.    Our government suggests more legislation and we like sheep fall for the same old crapolla.    And we get more legislation celebrate our victory and the beat goes on.
the celebration is premature.
During the period that I was in school (at the University of Chicago) I watched with amusement when some radical students took over the Administration building and told the University that they were holding it hostage.   Most schools would have had an armed confrontation (like Kent State) – not the UC.   They let the students have the building.   There were no police called to evict anyone.   The students sat and negotiated with the administration endlessly.
The ‘sit in’ ended when it became old news and the University sent the parents of the students a bill for its damages.   Whatever the protest was about was soon forgotten and life went on – except for the activist students who had a huge bill to pay in order to obtain their transcripts and/or graduate.
It is the middle of the night so I hope that this all makes sense!    I’m tired of ‘move on’ and the ‘tea party.’    There is an election coming up – it is time to get rid of the political royalists who think that they can fool all of the people all of the time.   Senator Durbin of Illinois is a prime example.   Where does he stand on protecting the elderly and the disabled.   When I wrote him for help he made a full disclosure – HE SENT ME A COPY OF A SPEECH HE GAVE ON SAVING SOCIAL SECURITY!!!
The social security check goes to enrich the miscreants who have stolen Mary Sykes’ (and others similarly situated) liberty and property – Gloria sets the mark in the millions of dollars.   Is it not wonderful and a magnificent victory for the miscreants to get another thousand or two thousand a month for their elder cleansing activities.
Ken Ditkowsky

Dear Ken;

I agree with what you said.  We now have dozens of agencies allegedly “protecting seniors”, but they “do nothing” and the same reported criminal actions take place over and over and over again.

My Vice President of Investigations, Jim Simms, says “cut the funding” and I agree with him.  The first time a senior is railroaded AFTER abuse has been reported, and no action is taken by the agency in court, should start the process to cut funding.

For the IARDC that takes $342 per attorney and does not protect seniors, lawyers should join in a class action to start cutting at that budget too.  When they are left holding a bake sale to support the 8th and 15th floor of One Prudential, perhaps they will start to take notice that their actions and inactions really do mean something to the public they are supposed to serve and protect.  Do I hear of volunteer attorney or law firm out there willing to do this?  I have a few really fed up clients for you–Wyman, Gore, Drabik, Bedin, Spera and others.

Why pay for state agencies that “do nothing?’


1 thought on “From KKD — where is the action against Senior Cleansing and the do nothing agencies

  1. Ken I support your views I also support filing a complaint with the DOJ OCR with a list of 5-10-15-25 other wards in similar positions and signed by the families

    It seems 1 or 2 persons is an expensive proposition unless they are convinced their is a class . On the other hand they tend to shy away from large investigative undertakings of many in my experience The FBI’s website as I’m sure you are aware – has all the buzz words for cases they investigate . Same is true for DOJ OCR – •Discrimination and violation of Civil rights etc

    I would support and participate in a group undertaking complaint to the DOJ OCR etc I have already received a letter from DOJ OCR requesting more information and a personal letter from DOJ FBI Deputy Director of criminal division . However as I have learned from HHS after having been assigned a transaction # and ongoing investigation for 6-9 months in the Chicago office , it can stop dead in its tracks and appears to be placed in file 13 with and no further responses . I had letter of recommendations from the White House and Kathleen Sebelius. Go figure!

    This may seem silly, but I am convinced the fiction in books and movies may have some elements of truth vs the truth will prevail .

    I’ve vented a little towards the end I can’t imagine the frustration and disbelief you have experienced and felt . It is scary for me

    NLVallone Rn MSN Danielle aunt

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