Another Elderly Couple fights the system–this time in Canada!

While the Illinois ARDC is covering up these issues in Illinois, the fires are burning around the world.

See my post on signing a petition for Mary Sykes and please, if you know of a loved one in this predicament, start a petition and let me know.

We need more attorneys and the public blogging about court corruption and not fewer.  We need more people coming out and telling the truth and not fewer.

We need to spread the word that most states have wonderful statutes to protect the elderly and wards BUT THEY ARE NOT BEING USED or taken seriously.  They are clearly ignored when estates are large and cash heavy.

Let’s put justice back in the courtrooms, let us demand that state disciplinary boards discipline attorneys that steal money, neglect cases, do not inform their clients promptly, etc.– but the disciplinary boards must also uphold dearly FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, the right to file grievances, contact the authorities publicly, report elder abuse, report abuses in the court system and promote freedom and democracy.  Political speech of attorneys must be unfettered and properly protected.

I promise you all, I will not desert you. I will take this blog to the US supreme court and even if they turn me down I will keep on blogging about corruption and going to court and making sure the 18th floor of the Daley center does its job.  I will work for NFP’s that provide volunteer services to keep that floor from decimating estates with fee, fee, fee, isolating seniors, pulling gold teeth for fun and for profit, etc.  And when the money is gone, I will tell you how they drug them with psychotropic drugs and they suffer from dehydration and malnutrition and are killed and quickly cremated to hide the evidence, someone will know, someone will blog for them.  I wish I knew all their names and what to say for them now.

Justice is truth in action.


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