Renumeration that’s a no show show

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 5, 2014 9:57 AM
To: Jo Anne M Denison
Cc: NASGA , Tim NASGA , GLORIA SYKES , Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan , Janet Phelan , NASGA , probate sharks , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , Cook County States Attorney , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , Chicago Tribune , Bill , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “”
Subject: Remuneration that does not show up on the record

As you are aware from your independent investigation it is rare that extra=circular remunerations are paid with cash in a white envelope.  I am sure that it is done, but a physical transfer is uncouth!   There is no fun for one of the political royals to submit to being bribed in such a simple manner     If asked specifically it would be lie to say no – and as you know from the IARDC testimony lying is bad – perjury is fine!  (Judge **** gave an example in your hearing!)
Jessie Jackson showed how campaign contributions are convenient.   Paying the mortgage of the political royal allows great flexibility.    ( For instance, in the white wash of Larkin, I’ll bet you a dollar to your penny the IARDC never looked into why Larkin did so much refinancing of his house.   I’ll also bet they never looked into who was helping him pay down the mortgages.   To refresh your memory.   Political Royal x has a mortgage on his home of $100,000.00.   Mark wishes to bribe Royal x with a ten thousand dollar gratuity.   Writing a check to the order of Royal x would be unacceptable and the Department of the Treasury would be all over both of them.   However, over ten months making a thousand dollar payment a month would go un-noticed.   All Royal x has to do is keep borrowing money from Chase Bank.    When examining Mr. Larkin’s financial affairs such a scenario would be impossible to find – especially if you bent to finding nothing wrong.  The ‘white wash’ thus is rather benign – especially when it never addressed the matters that were the subject matter of the complaint.    (I’ve copied Mr. Holder and the States Attorney pursuant to 18 USCA 4 with this letter.
Just to make it a little harder for the bad guys let me expose some additional MO for passing a bribe.   You of course know about the hiring scam – i.e. I want to bribe your husband  – I hire you or one of your children.   No work jobs are still favorites – but they are too easy to spot.
The nursing home industry for years uses payment in beds.   It is the 2nd currency.   I believe Gloria found that Adam Stern had an interest in xyz nursing home.   It would be interesting to find out as to how he obtained his interest.   Did he get it as ‘off the books’ remuneration for legal services, a referral fee etc.  
Opportunity is always undetectable.   Miriam Solo’s foray in the probate court in Florida is certainly such a situation.    The non-inventory of the gold coins in the Mary Sykes estate is yet another.    the nursing home people have another scam.   Mr. Holder is reported to have it on the radar down in Florida.   It is a version of Enron.   Read Mr. Rothner’s deposition and it should all come clear.
I’ve previously suggested that the Sykes case was part of ‘interstate commerce’ and liberal rewards for the right to participate were the subject of the barter system that fuels the War on the Elderly and the Disabled.    I’ve asked for an Honest intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation.   The net result has been a four year suspension of my law License.  Co-incidence???   If I drilled the Sykes safety deposit box and made off with all her gold coins -worth over a million dollars the IARDC would kiss me on both cheeks and if pressured would give me a six month suspension.
Let me suggest that where there is smoke there is fire!
Ken Ditkowsky

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