Sign Gloria’s Petition to Free Mary Sykes now!

From Gloria Sykes
Subject: “Mary G. Sykes: SAVE from Court Sanctioned Guardianship Abuse”
I created a petition to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and 4 others which says:
“Stop court sanctioned guardianship abuses of the elderly and disabled perpetrated by a cottage industry of attorneys who under the color of law,  abuse, exploit, and deny senior citizens of their liberty, property, human and civil rights for the miscreants own person financial gain. “
Will you sign this petition? Click here:
Gloria Jean Sykes
Dear Readers;
Gloria has not seen her mother but  a handful of times since June of 2009.  This is the work of a legally appointed guardian and two GAL’s who wrote up the following recent order.
Note how Gloria can’t talk to her mother about ANYTHING!  This is despite the fact the two GAL’s have seen Mary about 2x each in five years, so you know that they must be pretty concerned about her–or the hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees they are claiming from her estate.  Take a look at the following gag order placed on 2 seniors–This is elder abuse to Gloria and her beloved mother!
Also, note the strained inconsistency in the court’s own position.  The GAL’s report all the time to the court Mary is “seriously demented” and needs more more (read that one, Gloria’s money) for her care.  If that were true, then it wouldn’t matter at all what Gloria was talking about, right?  Either Mary is seriously demented and could not recognize Gloria, Scott or Delores, or she could and she could speak knowledgeably about any topic (Dr. Patel’s words in 2009 when he refused to sign a CCP 211).  Did the GAL’s fear that video so much they directed a Naperville police officer to destroy it illegally?
This is either a racquet or it isn’t (bouncing the yes she competent and we need a gag order or no she’s seriously demented ball back and forth)!  This is interesting, now have I accused anyone or racquettering?  pun intended.
This is what the bad handwriting says:
this mater coming to be heard on status and motion for placement and the court being advised in premises:
It is hereby ordered that:
a.  Gloria Sykes, alone, and without any companions, is permitted supervised visitation with Mary G Sykes under the following conditions 1) there must be a neutral professional supervisor who is approved in advance by the guardian and paid by Gloria Sykes prior to all visits who is present for the entire visit;
2) all such visits are pre conditioned on the prior approval of the guardian and one of the GAL’s;
3) during the visits there shall be no photos or videos or recordings of any kind permitted, nor shall there be any phone contact with third parties during the visit, (P2)
4) during the supervised visits Gloria is prohibited from discussing with Mary during these supervised visits from discussing any and all aspects and issues relating in any way to the pending probate, chancery, bankruptcy, appellate, municipal, federal, IARDC and related litigation relating in any way to Mary Sykes and/or Gloria Sykes and Gloria Sykes shall not be permitted to disparage or talk negatively regarding the guardian, the court, the GAL’s , the guardians legal representative;
5) the supervisor and/or guardian has the authority to terminate or suspend visitation at any time if in their sole discretion it is in Mary’s best interests
B) visitation with Mary G. Sykes is subject to the prior written approval of the guardian, Carolyn Toerpe
C) This visitation order supersedes all prior visitation orders.
Now I want you to read the above bearing in mind that Gloria Sykes was an excellent companion to her mother for the 10 years prior and she had to beg Carolyn to take Mary for a weekend once in a while.
When Mary was with Gloria she was heavily involved in her neighborhood and walked everywhere and talked to everyone.  She participated in parties, the Norwood Park Garden club (where she would get in arguments over what plants to purchase and where to put them), she talked numerous times per month and visited regularly with her two elderly sisters, she walked her dog, paid bills, wrote checks–in fact she was part of card clubs where in late 2009 (when she was guardianized) she beat the pants off of everyone else!
We went to see Mary in June of 2013 and her cognitive skills were excellent.  That’s the reason for “no video, pictures or recordings”.
Everyone knows what is going on with Mary–hundreds of family, friends and companions are asking the same thing, “when will this nonsense end?”
So today, please sign the above petition for Mary and perhaps the court will do the right thing and get her home to Gloria.


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