The Hearing Transcripts from Day 1 to Day 4

Dear Readers:

Please take a look at the below.  The real questions is whether these transcripts adequately reflect the proper respect for the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the right of attorneys to blog about troubles and issues they find in the court system to 1) warn the public; 2) inform the public; 3) discuss the law as it relates to the layperson, litigants and family members or 4) whether these topics should be strictly regulated by the IARDC, an organization which itself does 1) no ethics reporting as demanded by the Illinois Ethics Act; or 2) reporting on the salaries of all attorneys, supervisors and managers as do 99% of the other State of Illinois agencies so that there is accounting and transparency in this State agency.

The Transcripts from Hearing days 1 to 4

Let me know your thoughts  Let the IARDC know your thoughts.  Note the IARDC does not take tax payer funds, but is funded from the annual registration fees paid by the lawyers themselves as reported in the 2012 ARDC Annual Report which is available on their website at  Note that while these are not taxpayer funds, they are still public funds, or payments entrusted to a public state agency for the benefit of the citizens of the State of Illinois to protect the public from incompetent and unscrupulous lawyers.

Together we can make a difference, together we can save the world.


4 thoughts on “The Hearing Transcripts from Day 1 to Day 4

  1. All attorneys who contribute to this fund should be up in arms! Why? Because what if they themselves are next to appear before and be unfairly judged by this kangaroo court?

    Thanks for the transcripts. It will take me a while to plow through them but am sure they will be worth the read.

  2. Wow. “Post traumatic litigation disorder.” Wow. I think I represented and prosecuted a few folks who suffered from this. I think we called it “going to prison.”

    • Dear Jacob;
      Yes, these people have been humiliated, beaten down, not provided with representation for serious and felonious offenses against their disableds and themselves, and yet the corruption continues.
      Thank you for your sympathy. I do appreciate it. They are in prison, trapped in repetitive anxieties and disorders completely unfamiliar to anyone that has not gone thru this.
      I know I have seen some good articles before and there was a very good youtube from well known psychiatrists and psychologists, but I have lost the information. perhaps you can find it for me.
      PTLD is very sad and very insidious and common in probate abuse vicitms.
      Again, thank you for your sympathy and empathy.

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