A simple request turns into an impossible task.

From Rosanna Miller who tried to read my 4 days of transcripts:

“This is retarded. I got to page 9 out of 250 and was getting sick at my stomach. I really don’t need to read anything past that point. I get the writing on the wall…. Dear Lord, one of the 3 panel members is missing and you need a reason why you don’t want to go forward??? It is your right to have everybody there. For crying out loud this is your profession, shouldn’t they take this seriously? However the attorneys who do screw up walk away free as a jail birds.
The judicial branch is abusing the elderly across the country by human trafficking them to the living warehouse for profit. Then they sanction their own or target any lawyer who speaks up and out about the injustice. Don’t get me started on all the USC codes that violates or this post will never end. Yet they take “alleged” oaths to uphold and honor the laws. 
There is a saying “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” Benjamin Franklin”
Rosanna Miller, Ohio

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