Looking for today…….

1) Donations of office space.

2) M.D.’s who are willing to go against the powers that be in probate and tell the truth that certain wards have ample cognitive abilities and prepare reports.

3) CPA’s who can verify accounting statements are true and accurate when miscreants are willing to lie, cheat and steal over them.

Please email me if you know of any reputable, honest M.D.’s or CPA’s willing to help and provide court testimony.

We need to band together to reintroduce honest, ethics and morality into the Probate Courts.

4 thoughts on “Looking for today…….

  1. This would be exactly what we all would need, but these Doctors or CPA are very rare, if they exist at all!!! If anyone comes across any, please let me know, as we need them desperately, as probably we all do!!! Glenda

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