From Gloria–another important file portion missing!

see below, and if you know of the whereabouts of this file, please let Gloria know.

I suggested she contact the “help desk” and see if she can get it scanned in there and back online. I would do it for her, but I know she is fearful of all attorneys after my (bogus) disqualification and her subsequent treatment by them.

 Sent: Feb 7, 2014 8:38 AM
 To: JoAnne M Denison <, kenditkowsky <, Kathie Bakken <, scott evans <
 Subject: Re: Illinois General Assembly – Full Text of HB4216
 The entire file from the petition for an order if protection June 9,  2009 is gone from the domestic relations court and never copied and or fully transferred to the probate court.
 I filed a petition for protective order against Carolyn Toerpe and Fred Toerpe in March/Feb of 2012 and The Toerpe’s showed up with an attorney in the Domestic Relations Court and got it transferred to the probate case 2008 p 4585 and I filed copies of the PO to be heard and no files are with  the probate court or the domestic relations court. Stuart ignored the filings. This was filed after the Toerpe’s pushed and shoved me during the first attempt for me to move out my property.
 The petition for an order of protection against Fred Toerpe filed at the Niles Courthouse after he beat me up in and about April 2012 was denied and now also missing from the files.
 And finally the criminal complaint against Fred Toerpe filed by the Cook County States Attorneys office and to be heard march 11, 2013 is listed but with no case number and the files with the complaint I signed and with police reports are missing in its entirety. That the case was never given a case number and I was shuffled off to sit in the wrong courtroom and Toerpe’s representation was a recent Cook County states attorney who just left the CCSA office, and the CCSA said I was not in court and again was said to be transferred to the probate division. That all these public records and case filings are missing and point to The Toerpe’s who are holding my mother hostage under a court sanctioned guardianship should be of serious interest as the destruction of said documents are a felony.
 And you JD want to know why what I sent is important which draws me to the conclusion you simply don’t get it!!!
 These people including the court have destroyed court files which are public documents that point directly to Carolyn Toerpe’s criminal behavior as a disreputable person who upon an agreed order appointing her guardian of my mother is in violation of the Probate act and law enforcement cares little…
 That I’ve been accused of everything and every wrong doing Toerpe perpetrated including destroying the files should be of interest to the Tribunal that the missing records evidence Toerpe is a dangerous person who is protected by the courts, the states attorneys office and the IARDC. .
Gloria Jean Sykes, from her I phone.


State of Illinois
2013 and 2014


Introduced , by Rep. Anthony DeLuca




50 ILCS 205/4   from Ch. 116, par. 43.104
    Amends the Local Records Act. Provides that any person who knowingly, without lawful authority and with the intent to defraud any party, public officer, or entity, alters, destroys, defaces, removes, or conceals any public record commits a Class 4 felony.

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