Another great article on the Situation in Probate, Cook County from a wonderful reporter

Please google :”no country for old men probate article” and scroll down.

This blog makes inroads to the fact that guardianships far too many times ARE NOT WORKING.  They drain estates, they stir up troubles in families for fees from persons tied into the system, and they subject to just as many abuses than if the person had been let alone.  The Sykes case is a classic example of railroading, no jurisdiction, sisters not served, a $272k bank account of Gloria’s frozen under a TRO lasting for 150 ten day terms, a $400k home in Norwood Park laid to waste for 4 years, one sister evicting another sister from the family home, it now appears the $272 bank account will mostly go to Schmeidel who has a $200k plus legal bill on the estate.  Mary will go to a nursing home, even though her POA was summarily invalidated without due process, briefings and a hearing and findings.

I have updated my famous table of “torts”, but the IARDC doesn’t like the words “corruption”, “tort” or whatever so now it will be a table of pain, woes and agonies–for Gloria.

Gloria, Kathie Baken, Scott Evans and Yolanda Bakken have their side of the story and this blog has the right to publish that.  The miscreants (whom ever they are–there has been no investigation, but we know AS, CF and PS never told the court the appointed plenary guardian never drilled out the safe deposit box in April 2010)

The GAL’s and PS have told their story on the transcripts published on this blog. They are welcome to provide this blog with their comments, observations and more of their side of the story, but their side of the story is fairly present on the transcripts.

It’s been a very tough road for Gloria, Yolanda, Scott and Kathie. Let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers

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