Not all attorneys are treated the same on the 18th floor…..

What is very interrsting is that every time I present a fee petition, I always discount it 20% or more.  Sometimes the other attorneys will follow my lead.  One would think the court would try to make all of the discounts the same or nearly the same.

But in this case, my fees for the Olson estate were about $15,000 for working on the estate for about 1.5 years, dozens of emails, accountings, you name it, I did it, the lion’s share of the work.

So what happens with the “other attorneys” get in there for fees?  They want more of course and do not want to discount.  However, I have not seen a one of them work to keep someone away from the OPG/nursing home, when that is what the ward wanted.  No one wants to do that work.  Most common complaint when you want to  keep a senior at home?  No one can find an atty to go up against the GAL’s and OPG.  Well, I will do that, but I have to expect my fee to be cut about 90% (from $15k to $1k is what they wanted while the GAL got $2.5k because he’s a go along kind of guy), but the client prevailed for me for $2k.  Good going.

This is one of the reasons why these cases need to be transferred to NFP’s or not for profits where we can do fundraisers and bake sales to keep seniors at home (who want to stay at home) and out of nursing homes.

So, I am working on that, but I thought you might find the following pleadings interesting of the “club” of the 18th floor, which I do not belong to ascribe to.  I am dedicated to doing what the CLIENT wants.

Next what we need to work on is a pubic listing of GAL’s and service providers which can be accessed by the litigants, complete with reviews and comments of family members involved or not involved in guardianships.  There should be wifi on the 18th floor and ratings, costs and service concerns should all be published and accessible by the public.


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