From Gloria Sykes–finding some hope in the FED (evictions) section of the Daley center.

As I have noted before, it seems that on the 14th floor where FED law is practiced (forcibles or evictions), the judges mostly seem to know and understand what due process is, how a summons and complaint is necessary, how jurisdiction is not a technicality but is in fact a due process right.

So, from Gloria, here is here summary of 2 additional days of testimony before Judge Murray, who is a very good, honest, ethical judge on the 14th floor of the Daley center:

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Subject: RE: 18 USCA 4 Concealment of criminal activity

Dear All,

It’s been an exhausting two weeks of testimony in the FED court whereby Carolyn Toerpe, having been found in Contempt of Court for non-compliance of a court order on July 13, 2012, stood trial to show cause why she didn’t comply with the contempt order:  closing arguments were yesterday — they were brief.  The outcome was unexpected and not without Judge L. Murray asking both Toerpe’s attorney and me (pro se) a few direct questions.  In particular, I was asked about the layout of and access to the basement, attic, first and second floors of the home (6014): both Toerpe’s attorney Deborah Soehlig and I were asked about the initial complaint, which Toerpe didn’t have, and I didn’t have direct and immediate access to.  Judge Murray appeared very concerned about the final so called “agreed” order of possession being in proper form and content.  (I filed an appeal of which I argued the voidness of the so called “agreed” order of possession, and the Appellate Court, First District, dismissed it without cause or proper instructions pursuant Rule 23: to date, every appeal in the probate matter and the FED cause where jurisdictional issues are raised, and void orders noted, have been dismissed with prejudice.  Interesting huh?)  Nevertheless, Judge Murray asked if I wanted to file any transcripts and I said yes: Toerpe was asked too, and said, no.  I am also to copy any receipts of items that went missing while all of my property was under the control and possession of Carolyn Toerpe, and give to Toerpe.  Suffice, Judge Murray, stood steady regarding the laws and statues that he operates his courtroom, but also that of he Probate Division, to wit:

1)  Toerpe admitted that there was no court order to sell mother’s home or to sell mother’s property.  It was suggested that I, or any family — ‘interested person’ return to the Probate Court and report.

2)  Toerpe admitted she did not inventory the ‘cash sale’ of Mother’s home, reporting to Judge Murray that she did not have to because it is in a Trust.  Judge Murray stated clearly that she in fact has to, as the money is “assets of” Mother’s estate.  Again, it was suggested I or any interested person report this to the Probate Court.

3)  Judge Murray reminded Toerpe’s attorney Amanda Byrne that misrepresenting the facts to a Judge is serious and punishable: and if she had done that in his court ****.  This time Judge Murray said to me, “You have the record from this court.  Bring the transcripts to the Probate Court”.

4)  Judge Murray told me that if I have a final order from another court I should go to the bank and get the funds appropriated to me.  I told him the funds were already transferred and converted to an account in the name of The Estate of Mary G. Sykes with Judge Stuart prepared to rule on who the money belongs too (in spite of the final 2008 court order which was a 6 year litigation where I was the only contract holder of an insurance policy, and where I was the only person who filed a complaint).

In his repeated disbelief that the Probate court does not follow the rules, Judge Murray grew frustrated — my response, “Yes, your Honor, it’s difficult for any person to comprehend that what is allowed in probate is in fact, sanctioned by the Court.”

Let me repeat the testimony from Aunt Yo, who, even before I asked questions, was interrupted by attorney Deborah Jo Soehlig– (which Judge Murray responded, “How can you object when she (me) hasn’t even completed the question?”)  What Soehlig did was repeatedly cause distractions, interruptions, and  cost time. What should have been a two hour hearing, turned into a three hour proceeding with Toerpe, Soehlig and Byrne dashing out of the courtroom and no order entered!!  Yes, no order was entered, not even one stating that Judge Murray is taking everything under consideration and will allow for transcripts to be put in as evidence. But now I’m ahead of myself.

At a certain point I noted to the Court that Soehlig has repeatedly filed frivolous motions, which Judge Murray replied, “Then file a section 137 motion for sanctions.”  (I believe it was a 137…)  Nevertheless, Aunt Yo talked and gave testimony to Toerpe’s character, but more important, the pain and sorry she has because she cannot talk to or visit with my mother.

Scott, Kathie, and Brian also gave good testimony, although I was not allowed to bring in matters to impeach Toerpe that were unrelated to whether she purged herself of the contempt order.

Shaggy was in Court with me and had he not been present, I don’t think — no, I know I would not have been able to stick it out.  Every word that came out of Toerpe’s mouth, attorney Soehlig’s mouth, were LIES and I cannot handle being around People of the Lie or bullies, situations that cause the situational PTSD which I suffer.

Toerpe had no witnesses except for herself.

What I wanted to say to the Court was that Toerpe not only took or destroyed personal, professional and intellectual property, but she stole the most important person from my life, my Mother and best friend.  It is unimaginable strolling into the Holiday season for the fourth year in a row and not being ableable to even speak to my mother.  It is unthinkable that any person, any Court, would deny a person with association to her child, her sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins and best friends in order to silence her and keep the delusions perpetrated by attorneys such as Adam STern, Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmiedel, and Amanda Byrne that Mother is Alzheimer’s and ***, for their financial gain.  It is incomprehensible that any Court would protect financial exploiters, and abusers of the elderly and disabled — for whatever the Judge’s reasons.  I have no trust in the Judiciary, in attorneys, in what we label laws that are established to protect us.  Judge Murray may be the only judicial in regarding the Sykes case who is a person of integrity, a jurist who, gives a hoot about right and wrong: I don’t know. I simply don’t know.

The Chancery Court also has under advisement in regarding Toerpe’s motion to dismiss the Declaratory Action against her as not only the alleged Trustee, but also the alleged Guardian and as Toerpe herself.

It’s been a grueling few months and I cannot see light at the end of the tunnel, maybe because I’m blinded by all the lawlessness that has gone on for FIVE YEARS!   I note the people Ken cc’d his email to Tim.  I see that many are government agencies, law enforcement, and the media. I understand that all of this appears simply to unbelievable to comprehend, but, it is real.  My mother is prayerfully holding on, still praying and believing that I and Aunt Yo and with the help of one other person who, without his experiences, wisdom and compassion for justice, I believe my mother would be dead, and I’d be, well, not writing this email for certain.

My thoughts continue that we should treat our fight for justice as if it were a maze and work on reaching that finish line without having to take any serious action. Given that there is so much injustice in our world, the best way to find hope is for us to work together as a a group of people, few victims themselves to court sanctioned illegal guardianships,  to fight for justice  and free the elderly and disabled who are discriminated against and hostage to the abuse and financial exploitation.  Our Courts should punish the attorneys for the serious fraud on the court and treason against the US Constitution.

When my father passed away. I took life and education more serious. My daddy made me open my eyes to reality, meaning that I only have one life to live so I should live it to the fullest and get a good education. I remember that he told me to let no one get in my way. “Let no one get to you and you will shine above all haters.” I will always carry my father in my heart, which is engulfed with anger and fear for my Mother’s life.

All of this has left me in a state of helplessness that I had never experienced before and believe me it does not feel good. I had to sit there and watch Carolyn Toerpe walk away with my My Mother, and the Court continues to allow Toerpe to slowly kill my mother. There was no limit to my rage that night in September 2009, that I could have killed the next thing that even looked at me: that’s how mad I was.  That rage is gone, however, the sadness and fear for Mother’s life remain.

Mother will turn 95 on January 5, 2014, and this will be the fifth birthday I cannot celebrate with her.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Martin Luther King). This is the first quote that I heard in Religion class and just struck my heart.

Big dreams come with big thoughts. Experiencing Injustice in my life is the last thing that I thought would happen to me. I’m 62 years old and living in today’s world feels like a giant rock has fallen on my head.

For all the people currently caught is unjust guardianships, and abused by the Courts, I say, each one of us have a chance to change the world that would be a better place to live and grow old, then now. We can do this together.

There simply can’t be happiness in the Sykes/ Campabellow/Bakken/Evans/ et al families and won’t be until Mother is freed, her life saved. This is my wish for this Chirstmas: that my Mother is home with me and I promise I’ll never stop hugging and loving her and pray she has many more years with me and the people she loves and trusts.

I offer good will and health to all of you this holiday season.

Gloria Jean Sykes
Bon Ami Productions, Inc.
773-751-1310 (fax)
855-376-0040 (business)

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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 07:06:11 -0800
Subject: 18 USCA 4 Concealment of criminal activity


18 USCA 4 states:

“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

18 U.S.C.A. § 4 (West)

There is absolutely no question that CT removed from Gloria Sykes’ and Mary Sykes’ safety deposition box the contents thereof and did not inventory the same.    There is no question that the value of the contents exceeds the threshold so as to make it a felony.    There is no question that Attorney CF and Attorney AS did not report the substantial change in the lifestyle of CT after she was appointed guardian of Mary Sykes.    (it is now reported that prior CT was insolvent, however today she sports expensive jewelry.)     CT has never denied the charges – however AS, CF have without any personal knowledge issued denials.

Gloria, yours truely, JoAnne Denison and many others have reported the alleged felony to law enforcement, the IARDC, etc.     The IARDC if it undertakes to prosecute an attorney for reporting pursuant to the duty under 18 USCA 4  it (the IARDC) has an investigative duty.    Thus, you are absolutely correct that staff of the IARDC is thwarting 18 USCA 4.    (Even Judges and Attorney regulators are not immune to Federal Law and the responsibilities of citizenship).    When Gloria first reported to Court and then to IARDC the theft of over a million dollars in gold coins a duty developed in the Court to protect Mary.    When Gloria and others reiterated the charges of serious theft, tax evasion etc a duty arose that required an investigation by AS, CF, and PS.    When the lack of action against CT was noted and the obvious assaults on Gloria occurred this scenario transformed from a benign complaint to more positive duties.    The IARDC for instance had to investigate the attorneys.

The law presumes that government agencies do their jobs.   Therefore, the Administrator of the IARDC is presumed to have done an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of CF, AS, PS, and the Judges.     Thus, the prelude to 18 USCA 4 has been raised and the law (in my opinion) suggests that Mr. Larkin and the IARDC have actual knowledge of all the facts in the Sykes case.   The same situation would exist in Wyman, Gore, Tyler, etc.

Yes, Tim I am complying with 18 USCA 4.    I’ve sent a copy of this e-mail to the States attorney, Mr. Holder, and the IARDC.     The non-inventory of the gold coins and other valuables by CT in my opinion is a felony and thus as we know about it it makes “whoever having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony”  us!

Let me take a moment out to wish that we can end Mary Sykes years of torment now and that you and all who receive this e-mail a Happy, Merry and Prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Ken Ditkowsky

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