From Atty Ken Ditkowsky and the “Hard Rock” document

On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 7:40 AM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:

The American Constitution is a ‘hard rock’ document.    It is intended to protect not only the weakest amongst us, but also the strongest.    There are no exception!    The protection is universal.
The American Political System is a no holds barred conflagration in which only the strong survive.    When an individual runs for any elected office he/she puts everything on the line.   There is no turning back, no ‘do overs’ and certainly no protection from even the vilest of slanders.    Elections are ‘wars’ and every attempt at civility is usually rejected by one or both of the candidates.   In Illinois and many estates Judges are elected!
The American citizen is one of the most fortunate human beings on earth as we as a Nation inherited from our founding fathers a formula and system that when we follow it literally paves our streets with gold.    All you have to do participate is put your nose to the grindstone, follow the formula and work your tail off!     Millions of Americans have done so!     My friend Sam Moy (Fung Yee Moy – now deceased)  recounted on the origin of the Moy family in Chicago.   His uncle and father – aged 6 and 7 arrived by train to Chicago to found the family.  On a lesser scale my then 9 year old grandfather was sent to North Dakota where he (and many others just like him) at the first opportunity homesteaded land.    Our ancestors were not handed anything on a gold or silver platter – they earned it!    We received the fruits of their labor and their toughness.
‘Elder cleansing’ is therefore so disheartening.     The reaction of the community to it is very discouraging.     How can a society exist when senior citizens are herded into guardianships so that they can be stripped of their assets, their liberty, their civil rights etc?    How can our society exist when the Rule of Law is totally ignored by persons who like to refer to themselves as “judicial officials.”     The dirty little secret of ‘elder cleansing’ is well known and a situation we observe too often.     Everyone has expressed shock seeing the senior lying in his own urine in a nursing home!    Everyone that has looked into the Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Tyler et al cases have been repelled.    (except for the miscreants and those who aid and abet them).
Everyone who has attempted to do something about ‘Elder cleansing’ is classified a ‘nut!’ by the miscreants and their supporters.   The attitude is “how dare you bring to our attention the National Socialist program that we are sweeping under the rug!”     The second oldest profession points out that lawyers are advocates and it is high form of professionalism to advocate for the unpopular.     Thus our laws and the Rule of Law draws its momentum from cases in which a miscreant represents himself falsely as metal of honor winner, a group of social misfits picket a funeral, some profiteers with no social conscience market violent video games to children etc.    We even protect the rights of thugs who express the desire to recreate the Holocaust!     HOWEVER, what is being done to protect the senior citizens who have contributed to the wealth of the Nation!
The Mary Sykes case is an example.     Our law enforcement community, our legal community, our social welfare community and to some extent you and me took comfort in our laws.    Our legislature enacted 755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 etc.    Indeed, Illinois created a road map that if followed met every standard of our society.    The safeguards abound!    Our legislature was not done – enacted additional safeguards such as 320 ILCS 20/4.     Illinois law enforcement, Illinois lawyers, and Illinois citizens sat back, stuck out their chests and said: “how wonderful and I.”    
Unfortunately, it never occurred to us that our miscreant crew and those who aid and abet them would have the temerity to flaunt the clear words of the Statute!   Horrors!!!!!     Mary Sykes was herded into a guardianship.    Jurisdiction was treated as formality to be ignored.   In an e-mail, a GAL proudly acclaims that he, another GAL, and the attorney for the petitioner agreed that Mary Sykes was incompetent and a judge rubber stamped their determination.    In her evidence deposition the Judge stated that had she been aware of the lack of compliance with the jurisdictional criterion she would have vacated her order and held a hearing.   However, the result would have been the same.    The rest is history, as in all the ‘elder cleansing cases’ Mary’s property was sequestered (not inventoried) and the guardian who heretofore was noted to have stolen pennies from Mary.    (In one instance, Mary caught her finding before Mary lost it $4,000.00.    She then and therefore confessed but rationalized the event by informing the family that she had set up a IRA account for 90 year old Mary).    Once Mary’s assets were safely in the hands of the miscreants, Mary went into phased 3 of elder cleansing.    Her isolation was augmented and she is believed to be incarcerated in a nursing home (some where  unknown to the family and friends) rewarded with drugs so she will not bother anyone waiting for her death.
I want everyone know that this e-mail is according to Mr. J. Larkin and his ethics panels at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline commission is unethical.     According to Mr. Larkin and his ethics panels it is a violation of Canon 8 of Legal Ethics for a lawyer to do what I am now doing and they have asked the Supreme Court of Illinois that I be suspended for four years.    As I owe America a debt of loyalty and I profited handsomely for the gifts that America provided my family and my friends my direction comes not from Larkin, Black, Forenga, Stern, Schmiedel et al but from the founders of America, my ancestors who help build America and the ‘Good Lord.’     As I testified as long as the Stars and Stripes flies over America she and the principals of America have  my undivided loyalty
That said, what we in America face as we close out the year 2013 is our ultimate enemy.    The ‘elder cleansing’ cases are just part of the problem.    The ‘bad guys’ in the Sykes case and the elder cleansing cases are taking advantage of our malady.     We unlike our ancestors all too often rely upon ‘form’ rather than substance.    Legislation is meaningless if it is ignored.   Had the Circuit Court of Cook County forced the miscreants to comply with 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 and especially 10(f) Mary Sykes would be with those who care about her and annoying the Garden Club of Norwood Park.     Indeed, if the Courts been concerned with 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3, most of the victims of ‘elder cleansing’ would be having Christmas dinner with those who care about them rather being drugged zombies at various nursing homes.    If Mr. Larkin and the others who are aiding and abetting ‘elder cleansing’ read the First Amendment, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, 735 ILCS 110/5, and 320 ILCS 20/4 the legal profession would not be infamous and held so universally in disrepute.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – I hope in the new year we all will live up to the expectations of our respective ancestors who actually contributed to America and American culture rather than just paid lip service to its principles.
Ken Ditkowsky

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