US Dept of Justice is collecting court docts on Elder Abuse for New Project

Dear colleagues,
The Department of Justice is developing and scheduled to
launch, in early  2014, a new Elder Justice Website to serve as a resource to
elder abuse  prosecutors and others. One key component of the website is
a repository of federal and state court pleadings in elder abuse, neglect
and exploitation cases. We hope this repository will ameliorate
at least one of the barriers to elder abuse prosecutions, namely the lack
of training and guidance. In order to make the repository as effective
and useful as possible, we are currently looking for good examples of
publicly filed documents (e.g., indictments or informations, motions, and
sentencing memoranda) in every state. If you or one of your colleagues
have any such documents, please email them to Susan Lynch, at As we hope to launch the
website in early 2014, we need to have all submissions by December 16,
2013. If emailing the documents is inconvenient, please feel free to
email us cases with the docket numbers and county/state name so the
pleadings can be retrieved from your local clerk of court at our
expense/effort. Your submission can make a huge difference not just to other
prosecutors, but also to elder abuse victims as well.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Andy Mao
Assistant Director and Elder Justice Initiative Coordinator
Civil Division
Commercial Litigation Branch
U.S. Department of Justice

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