Destruction of photos–a Supreme Ct issue to be decided shortly

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 From the FOIA group on Linked In:

Cell phone searches require warrant, says Supreme Court: the capacity of modern cell phones is “equivalent to those of computers”

Started by Sharon Polsky, MAPP

The same issue is currently before the The US Supreme Court. Will be decided sometime before July 2014. By Peter Scheer


Of course, many of you will recall that after Gloria, Scott, Kathie and I went to Sunrise of Naperville and took video/photos of Mary without hearing aides, without her partial, dirty teeth and swollen gums, unkempt hair and nails–which never happened under Gloria’s tutelage–the nice police officer from Naperville actually ran into the parking lot and asked me to destroy my pics and videos of her.  I have complained to the Napervilee police–without response.  The ACLU website clearly says the police ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO ASK for you to delete pictures, but when it’s all connected into probate and the nursing home biz, apparently anything goes.

I complained to the ARDC and nothing has been done, tho it looks like this happened only AFTER the nursing home talked to Atty Adam Stern.

I’m betting SCOTUS tells police officers hands off the cell phones and get a warrant.

What this officer say was a veiled threat, you either delete the photos or I take your phone into custody.  What?  Protective custody like the Nelson 7th circuit painting that ended up with a gash in it regardless?

I’m just saying


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