Atty Ken Ditkowsy is invited to speak at a press conference on probate cases

and tell the whole story of just how probate works.

One recent comment made to me by a blog fan was that “the Probate courts are no longer operating as court systems where justice is listened to and enacted.  Rather, they have become “business dealing” fora where connected and favored attorneys and judges come together to “conduct business” behind closed doors and with “secret files and documents.”  Juicy estates are handled by the “proper judges” who control campaign funds.  These favored judges then hand out “the legal business” to well connected attorneys who put them in their position and keep them there and keep the political system running efficiently.  This analysis was stated to me by someone who has been heavily involved and studied “the system” in this state and others for many long years hearing hundreds and hundreds of complaints!

This all creates the dichotomy we see in “the business” of probate court.  Sykes is ignored, no one cares that Alice Gore’s teeth were pulled when she was isolated for 6 months at age 99, no one cares that Mary Sykes was last seen with filthy teeth and pyrrohea (which is life threatening) and she didn’t have her partial in.  In public, in the late afternoon, she was toothless in front.

No wonder why after talking to Adam Stern all video and pics had to be deleted under threat of arrest and no wonder why Commander Krammerer never responded to my emails and faxes!

The Naperville Police department clearly steps and fetches for the political elite.

Gloria’s complaints of Elder Abuse were deemed unfounded, even when there were 4 witnesses.

I would like to hear from the Naperville police, but after a couple of faxes/emails, I will drop it because the ARDC will ask me if I’m sorry I asked them to do their jobs and ignored abuse and the violation of constitutional rights to myself, Gloria and Scott Evans, a close family friend.  The ARDC will then ignore the fact that Mary was in a nursing home and wanted to go home and that was not reported to the court, that CT caused her physical pain and acted (per her usual) with lack of sympathy, compassion or feeling near Mary, that Mary’s teeth were filthy, that she had no partial in place, that she wanted to be with Gloria and CT screamed out “NEVER!” to her.  How cruel can a situation get?

I hope to see Mary because I care about her, but PS won’t return my emails. I have visited nursing homes for years and played music to the elderly.

The lies march on and on.

See below, and if anyone can, please write letters and fax the Naperville police department, the ARDC and demand the justice these seniors deserve.


From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 10, 2013 11:30 AM
To: Denise R
Cc: “” , Eric Holder , Cook County States Attorney , “” , “” , SUNTIMES , “” <>, j ditkowsky , Harry Heckert , NASGA , probate sharks , “” , “” , JoAnne Denison , Cook County States Attorney , “”
Subject: Re: Stop Guardian Abuse Press Conference 9-11-13 @6p

Ms. Rothemier,
Your telephone call to me informing me that the guardian is reputed to have gone into Court to try to stop you from holding a ‘press conference’ and discussing openly the guardianship abuse situation is absolutely outrageous.   I’ve copied law enforcement to alert them to another incident of patent ‘civil rights’ violations attempted under ‘color of statute.’   I’ve also copied the IARDC as it is a criminal act to violate a citizen’s ‘civil rights’ and even a pre-teen seeking to enter high school is aware that speech such as you are engaging in is protected and prior censorship has been prohibited since the United States Supreme Court entered it order in Near vs. Minn.   Thus any attorney who participates in such conduct has not only violated his/her attorney oath, but is also culpable.   (rule 137 prohibits and attorney from filing meritless motions)
As I understand it, the Court did not enter any order and therefore, the threat that you received is ‘naked!’   The threat can therefore be ignored.   Had an order of Court been entered, it would be void, as the First Amendment bars even the Courts from issuing ad hoc restraints on First Amendment Rights as to people not before the Court.   The advice that I and other lawyers routinely give is to obey even void court orders.
That is not to say that the incident and the threat is not serious.   It is serious because whomever went to Court to attempt to prevent you from having a ‘press conference’ demonstrated a total disregard for the Rule of Law and even more seriously believed that he/she had such influence with the Court that the Court would violate its oath and enter an order that it lack jurisdiction to enter.
This all is consistent with the ‘elder cleansing’ scenario and the perceived corruption that so many citizens have written to the IARDC, law enforcement, and their elected representatives concerning.   Terrorist assaults are predicted for 9/11, but who thought that our home-grown variety would promulgate an assault on the Constitution on the anniversary of the destruction of the ‘twin towers!’   ‘BIRDS OF A FEATHER!’
As you can see I have notified law enforcement of this latest assault on the Constitution.   I believe one or more lawyers are active in this attempted criminal usage of ‘color of statute’ to deprive a citizen of her First Amendment Right.   I therefore have copied the IARDC so that they have an opportunity to investigate and do something to protect the public!  For the record, the IARDC is supposed to protect the public from acts by lawyers that are detrimental to the public.   As Freedom of Speech is a ‘core value’ the alleged attempt to prevent you from exercizing your First Amendment Rights is reprehensible.   Yours, mine, and those of every other person in the United States of America RIGHT TO SPEAK OUT AND BE HEARD AS TO ANY CONTENT RELATED (OR POLITICAL UTTERANCE should be zealously protected by law enforcement, OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS and the IARDC.
(see 42 USCA 1983)
Ken Ditkowsky



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