From Gloria Sykes, a probate victim…agreement with Ken’s Letter to ABA

Dear ****,

I found this letter to the American Bar Association to ‘say it all’ as a look into not just the Mary G. Sykes case, but an overall as to what appears to be a cancer in America with attorneys now losing their law licenses because they speak out about the injustices or lawlessness of many of our courts that operate under statutes–mandateswhich legislation has determined are the laws upon which a court(s) acquired jurisdiction over a subject and person. This lawlessness is rampant in America, ****.. and sadly, attorneys who are standing up and saying, “No” — on blogs or writing letters to the agencies who, should investigate and stop the lawlessness — are being disbarred by government agencies set up to protect you, me and all citizens from lawyers, that include judges, of violations of the Professional Codes of Ethics.

The subsequent ’emotional water-boarding’ that has done irreversible and unrepairable damage to, the elderly like my mother, Mary G. Sykes, the disabled, and to all people who attempt to expose the lawlessness, save the elderly or disabled persons’ life, or even as in this case, ask for an honest investigation or blog the facts, are threatened or are disbarred,  sanctioned, denied access to the courts, or as in my case, my assets frozen then seized, all of my intellectual property, and valuables stolen, destroyed and/or discarded, my home put up for sale, and all my motions and appeals dismissed, without cause. Further, ****, the goal is to tire us out and shut us up so the cottage industry can continue to thrive.  Guardianship abuses of the elderly and disabled are as rampant as the stories and written below.

Please publish on your **** website and maybe, just maybe, it will encourage you to do the honest, thorough investigation and report the facts —

Thank you.  See below.

Gloria Jean Sykes 
Bon Ami Productions, Inc. 

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