It just keeps on getting weirder and weirder…..

falling down the ARDC rabbit hole.

On Friday, I received a fax from ARDC atty Ms. O that she was cancelling Gloria’s deposition.

I thought at first it was the dog–Gloria’s sweet, well behaved therapy dog, so I faxed Atty SO back telling her I could do Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon and Gloria’s depn can take place at my office or Ken’s or at any court reporter in Chicago with office space.  Most court reporters and their offices don’t care about dogs, cats, whatever, and neither do I.  I would probably draw the line at a therapy python, but I digress.  (Sorry, I have not been able to warn up to pet snakes or tarantulas.  Turtles I can do, even if I know they can bite my finger off, I still like them).

I never heard back from her.  So maybe Gloria can do Tues or Wed with or without Atty SO.  I asked about that and never heard back.

I am starting to use her initials, because I AM wondering about her.  The deposition was 90% hostile and not really a deposition.  It never really did seek to do truth and justice, reveal corruption and provide a stepping stone for a full blown investigation, and for those of you who have been through a deposition, you know what I mean.  It was more of a form of intimidation than anything else.

Now I find out from Gloria that the ARDC is actively trying to interfere with taking her deposition.  I am not ready to reveal what I know, how or why.

A parting shot at my deposition was Atty SO asking me if I thought via  “my source” I was to “worry about her”.  After what I have learned, and based upon her activity with JC, you will note the use of initials and no, I have not asked–yet.  But the parting shot is starting to take shape. What was she trying to tell me?

If what I heard is true recently, it is yet another instance of witness tampering and obstruction of justice.  Where I had questions, now I am getting confirmation.

Whoever thinks that of Ken, I, Gloria and Scott and others we are all stupid, we never check anything out must be living in a dream land.

But the latest bit of info I have heard is so utterly bizarre, even for me, I am having a bit of a time digesting it.

I know I live in “crook” county.  I have seen and read in the newspapers all sorts of things.  We have had in the last decade or so what 4 sitting Illinois governors take their vacations at club fed med.  But this really takes the cake–all of it.


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