How dirty is the “elder cleansing business” and what are the ways the govt conveniently ignores it?

From a recent Chicago Tribune Article on Esfomes and dirty nursing homes:,0,4174874,full.story

more esformes stories:

Ken’s comment on a new Esformes story.  Note these “nursing home moguls” have millions and millions of dollars from fixing services like prescriptions, social service workers, nursing home supplies, etc.  They are NOT a system to be challenged by anyone.

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With the Esformes civil trial scheduled in the Federal court in Chicago for August 12, 2013 it is significant for
Probate Sharks, NASGA, JoAnne Denison, and Journalists Gloria Sykes and Janet Phelan to have a perspective on total picture.   The trial is one potential ‘nail’ in the coffin of “elder cleansing”     Mr. Esformes  is not the only miscreant or the only ‘lord’ of elder cleansing.    At this point in time it is even a question as to whether or not he is the biggest.   The name Eric Rothner is brought up form time to time.
From my totally inadequate investigation I’ve noted that the ‘elder cleansing’ scandal is not only widespread but reaches deep in the bowels of the ‘core values’ of American culture and society.     The terrorism of ‘elder cleansing’ is as insidious as the 9/11 attack on the world trade center.     Attorney Denison in her blog mentioned the name Eric Rothner on her blog.   Almost immediately she received a ‘cease and desist’ letter from a Chicago law firm.   Ms Denison and I called for an investigation of ‘elder abuse’ and Attorney Cynthia Farenga wrote to IARDC attorney LB demanding that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission punish us!   The Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission almost immediately started Disciplinary proceedings against both Ms. Denison and myself!  (see IARDC website).
The marriage of ‘health care’ frauds and ‘judicial officials’ is foreseeable and even expected.    The surprise is the extent and nature.    The following article should provide background for any investigation or journalistic endeavor.

April 18, 2010

 Through their attorneys, Philip and Rabbi Morris Esformes vigorously denied wrongdoing and said the payments to Borrasi “were market rate and ordinary and customary payments for services…”

Cashing in on frail patients


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