From KDD — Why is the ARDC silent on the threat to Guardianize Gloria Sykes?

I mean, how would most of YOU feel if the ARDC wrote YOU and said Adam Stern was now your guardian so we won’t pursue your complaint (about his absolutely absurd behavior)!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 10, 2013 6:21 AM
To: Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , Cook County States Attorney
Cc: “ACLU@ACLU.ORG” , “” , “” , “” , JoAnne Denison , NASGA , probate sharks

Government in America exists not to perpetuate itself, but to serve the people.
In Illinois we had two governors in a row go to jail for forgetting this principle; however, the ‘elder cleansing’ scandal and ‘cottage industry’ remains unpunished.  The problem is not that we do not have enough laws, but, that the law is ignored and unenforced.   We build up bureaucratic entity after bureaucratic entity all of which are impotent to mask the fact that Illinois government is either unwilling or unable to rid itself of the temptation to take ‘shortcuts.’
The letter from the IARDC senior attorney that has been circulated is an example of the problem.  Senior attorney G knowing that a ‘client’ was caught engaging in totally inappropriate conduct of senior cleansing instead of blowing the whistle and doing the job of the IARDC and investigating the ‘client’ lawyer just stretched the ‘truth’ and coupled it with a little intimidation.   She falsely wrote that Adam Stern was the GAL for Gloria Sykes.  
Senior attorney G figured that if her prevarication raised a ‘hue and cry’ that everyone would think that she had made a mistake and the message had been delivered and the act would tar those who complain rather than the miscreant.    What Senior attorney G did not figure was that civility and courtesy is not dead in America and the perfidy of her action would be noted as she did not take the basic step of writing an apology or withdrawing her letter.    It is the arrogance of Gov Ryan and Gov Blago that is manifest in Senior Attorney’s ‘smoking gun’ letter that is so telling!
The letter renders the attack on the First Amendment by the ‘judicial officials’ appointed by a Court lacking jurisdiction (in Sykes) and the IARDC transparent!    Senior citizens and those who cannot take care of themselves are ‘targets’ to be exploited and abused.   Adam Stern as an example took it upon himself to aid and abet the ‘isolation’ of Mary Sykes from her siblings and younger daughter.   Senior IARDC attorney G is his protector.    JoAnne Denison, Gloria Sykes, and yours truly have exercised FIRST AMENDMENT rights to protest and the record is clear that government funds are being used to punish us and attempt to shut us up.
How can this happen in America?    That question is now academic’   On July 1, 2013 Senior attorney G published her not so subtle threat to guardianize Gloria Sykes and make her a non- person.  Ten days later (July 10, 2013) the administration of the IARDC is amazingly silent and has not even written a letter to apologize and claim a misunderstanding.   They did not as the meaning of the letter was perfectly clear!
I have to add another term to my call for an HONEST complete, and comprehensive investigation.   The new term is intelligent/effective.   Elder cleansing, like its sisters Ethic Cleansing and Racial Cleansing is a ‘cottage industry.’   The distinction between the infamous sisters is that ‘government’ while decrying its love for those who cannot take care of themselves (including senior citizens) has found pecuniary rewards to ‘elder cleansing.’  (The National Socialists found rewards in its ‘ethic cleansing’ operations but by the clear light of hindsight the methods have been condemned).
This ‘elder cleansing’ scenario cannot continue to be fostered by American Government.   We need an Intelligent/effective Honest, complete and comprehensive investigation of this entire ‘elder cleansing’ scenario at all levels including but not limited to:
1) the guardianship scandal
2) the warehousing of seniors in nursing homes
3) the artificial shorting of targeted senior’s lives  (retro-active abortion)
4) the acts of retro-active adoption – reference is made to activities such as testamentary gifts to members of the cottage industry to the exclusion of natural heirs, or as reported in a Florida case on the miscreants claimed to be a heir of a targeted senior who died.
Most of all I urge the United States of America to short circuit and end the attack on the First Amendment that has been recently illustrated by IARDC actions against targeted lawyers.
Thank you for your courtesy.
Ken Ditkowsky

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