Pravda and Izvestia–Russian news and truth, is this what the Illinois ARDC wants?

In the US, we enjoy greatly our first amendment rights including the right to say what we want and the right to a free press which is the core of a sound democratic society.

Contrast.  I had a thermomechanical professor once named “Minkowicz” who, while he came from Russia, he knew a lot about the country and would give us lectures, for example when it was 20 below in Chicago, he would say, “ah, where is everyone?  this is nice spring day in Siberia?”

To add to his colorful character he would talk about “Pravda” meaning “truth” and “Izvestia” meaning “news” and he would say there is no Pravda in Izvestia nor was there any Izvestia in Pravda!  This quote would be quickly followed by “In Russia, you see many people, most people taking Pravda into the bathroom.  But THEY’RE NOT READING IT! (they’re saving money on toilet paper.

So on that basis, I’ll leave you with some more funny quotes for the day:

1) there is no gravity, life sucks, and

2) (got this yesterday from a probate victim) fair?  you want fair?  that happens once per year for a week at the county seat!

love it.

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