Many kudos to Chicago Trib Reporter Steven Mills for doing what I can’t…

Dear Readers;


Most of you are aware that Reporter Mills wrote an article on how you can “buy” a judgship for $30,000 in Chicago by providing Donations to the Democratic Party–Dem Donations.  I just wanted to thank him for making the courts more transparent and honest.  This needs to stop–esp. since Blago went to club fed med for the same thing–selling a Senate Seat for $1 in Dem Donations.


read on below my email of thanks to him and that I have heard there is a  lot more work for him to do here:

Cc: Atty Ken Ditkowsky <>, Judy D <>, Atty Amu ‘Lanre — honest atty oppressed by ARDC <>
Subject: Loved your article on how it costs $30,000 for a judgship in Cook County
Date: May 23, 2013 1:11 PM

Dear Steve;

I loved your recent article.  I highly commend you for doing a fabulous job as a reporter.  Keep on going.  I’m sure you have heard that there are tons of problems in the Cook County Court system, stemming from  taking away tablets, laptops and cell phones to calendar and take notes in court–clearly a first amendment right violation and clearly there are no gangs in the Law Division, Probate Division, etc. in the court system with “gang members” hanging out there–it’s stemming from a fight I am having with Presiding Judge Timmothy Evans.  One day in probate court, a tied in attorney got his panties in a bunch that I was OMG “blogging” and the court went nutz and the judge ordered the bailiff to take my laptop!

I then went to Judge Coughlin the head of Probate and she did nothing, so I wrote and faxed Judge Evans about it and not only did he not respond and sent me to head of security “Kevin Connolly” who never responded to my faxes demanding this is a first amendment right, I published it on my blog and so they made the rule to confiscate all laptops, notebooks and cell phones to take notes in Cook County Circuit Courts.

It’s now the “Denison Rule” and we laugh.

You want to know all (or most of) the dirty little secrets of probate?  I have them.  And the ARDC is after my butt because I have them, I challenge the court system on my blog to be honest, operate with integrity and ethics, and stop it with the nonsense in court and I publish their “dirty secrets”.  Theft, embezzlement, false imprisonment in nursing homes, lack of jurisdiction–no summons and complaint–even murder.  You name it, probate’s got it and it needs to be reported on.

There are many, many blogs on the internet about corruption in court, BUT none or few are written by lawyers.  Why?  the ARDC goes after lawyers that report corruption!  The ARDC is after me and has filed a complaint against me for blogging and they mosly complaint I report on corruption because it brings disrepute to the courts.  Hey, you would have to show that the courts had a good reputation in the relevant marketplace first, would you not?  I submit with yours and another most recent article (which I have cross posted a link on my blog), they never had this to begin with.  The ARDC has gone after 3 attorneys–Atty Ken Ditkowsky, Atty Amu Lanre and myself and is after a fourth (client confidential, but call me and I will tell you her name confidentially if she lets me and you agree to hold it in confidence, she has not decided if she will take the ARDC abuse for going public and starting her own corruption blog yet).

I think the public has a right to know about corruption and that lawyers have a right to report it to the public.  That’s what the fight is all about.  I believe the public should know exactly what is happening before it puts a foot through that courtroom door and the knowledge should be made public.  Other lawyers should be able to blog on it.  I do not do real time blogging, but I think even real time blogging should be allowed.

Atty Ken Ditkowsky, in his trial (it took me 30 emails and faxes to get the transcript and TEN months), was asked by ARDC Atty Leah Black if he was “sorry” KDD wrote to law enforcement complaining about $1 million in gold coins missing from an estate.  Of course, he said “no.”  But why the question in the first place?

I’ll tell you why. This is what I have heard for about 20 years now. If you want to get a job at either corporation counsel in Chicago OR at the ARDC you have to pay the “Dem Donation” party $X to $X or more, that’s why.  That attracts attys to the ARDC that only know how to be make “Dem Donations” because they got there in the first place via -Dem Donations.  Blago wanted $1 million in campaign contribs for a senate seat.  The ARDC attorneys get their comfy jobs for $X, I’m told by my “in friends”.  I find it ALL disgusting and would never, ever participate in such a scheme.  I have publicly recommended to attys that work for me and complain we make little money that want to go work for the city, county or ARDC for a steady job with a steady paycheck, it’s not worth it.  I can call around and find an atty in an instant that can tell me the required amount, and I tell them what it is,  but I strongly urge them NOT to do it because it is a Greylord waiting for some non-clout attys to be burnt and thrown under the city bus.

And that’s why whereas no other reasonable person would ask the question that Atty Leah Black from the ARDC incredulously asked KDD — are you sorry you reported [corruption in the courts] to law enforcement?  She had absolutely no clue KDD WAS doing the right thing and her question was preposterous to the average person DEMANDING an honest, open, ethical court system and a public that merely requests that law enforcement does its job and conduct a full, complete and honest investigation of the loss of these assets which are verifiable by at least 6 close family members and friends that could verify where the coins were (a safe deposit box), many had seen them, etc.

So, there’s plenty more dirt and plenty more stories for you to tell about the courts, the tied in attorneys in probate and domestic relations that come from “secret lists”.  GALs that get paid $200 per hour to check on a ward’s dog, GAL’s that stir up trouble in families to churn their bills, Wards that cannot get attys eventhough they ask for them in videotapes and in their own handwriting and the court ignores it, attys that blog in court and report on corruption get “rules” against them, etc.

But I would like to see a story on the $X each ARDC attorney has to pay to get their job, because I think that disqualifies them for prosecuting ME and Atty Ken Ditkowsky for reporting corruption.  Someone needs to clean house at the ARDC and I think you are the guy who can do it.  Keep up the good work and keep on publishing.  The ARDC or JIB may very well go after that attorney that “told all” about $30,000, let’s see.  They may be afraid of the Tribune and its massive readership.  But I bet not.  For sure the ARDC will say that judge brought disrespect to “the profession” by revealing he paid $30,000 for his new job.  I find it disgusting and Blago style selling of a job for Dem Donations, but what do I know?  Apparently the ARDC attys know better.

There’s a Pulitzer waiting for you in all of this–a situation bigger than Greylord.  Greylord II–Dem Donations for lawyer jobs!



cc: redacted for the blog,

(note, redactions were done to provide the most information while showing the ARDC that I am truly sorry for reporting all this)  If you want the real story, my public, demand it from the ARDC.  My speech has been chilled in and in the refrigerator, but I still submit the public has a right to know.

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