From Larry Chambers–interesting thoughts on the difference between this blog and the Chicago Trib reporting on corruption

While it is clear that the ARDC does not like me reporting on corruption, and they say I bring disrepute to the Illinois Probate Court system, about how much could I possibly drag it down when the Chicago Trib has no less than TWO articles recently on closed proceeding and bribes to get jobs via “Dem Donations”–the same conduct Blago went down for–trying to sell a senate seat for $1 million in Dem Donations.

How hypocritical can they be?

A comment from Larry Chambers, a legal assistant to KDD:


Compare your email and Joanne’s blog audiences  to the Chicago Tribune circulation.  Whose message puts the ARDC’s protected elite on the center stage?  Is the message being punished or is it the media?


The Tribune reported an average digital circulation of nearly 47,000 on weekdays and 75,000 on Sunday. The paper has more than 550,000 registered users for its web site, according to executives.



Daily Circulation 414,590

Sunday Circulation 779,440



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