And while the ARDC is worried about my silly posts about the court system not doing its job…

I was just going through my emails and one of the things that probably most attests to the limits of the First Amendment has got to be those porn and violence based video games.

So see below:

Who The Hell Would Believe 16 years later
The Original POSTAL Would Finally Achieve Worldwide Distribution!

Tucson, AZ: It’s official, The Original POSTAL, the Champion of controversial games is now available through STEAM. Running With Scissors first released POSTAL in 1997, which was taken off domestic shelves after only 2 weeks. The world simply was not ready for the GTA predecessor back then.

From being banned in 14 countries (that we know of), sued by the federal government, condemned by parental groups, denounced by Senator Joseph Lieberman, and blacklisted by the game establishment, we are proud to offer you today the original inimitable mind-blowing game POSTAL.

POSTAL 1 on STEAM includes the complete single player game as well as the Special Delivery add-on pack. -Blast, maim and fire-bomb your way through 21 levels

-Exploit chaos opportunities, mow down marching bands, spray protesters, charbroil whole towns. Look at the world through the eyes of a psycho!

-A fast-paced, guns-blazing, mind-numbing isometric view killing spree

-No aliens, no mutants, no stupid quest for the dragon’s balls. Just good antisocial, psychotic shoot-’em-up action, strategy and government intervention.

To purchase the game search for POSTAL 1 on STEAM or click here!

For more information on POSTAL games and gear, visit

Running With Scissors develops and publishers outrageous games just for the hell of it. Contact Vince Desi at 520 907 1010, POSTALTM Game Series, The POSTAL DudeTM, and Running With ScissorsSM are Trademarks and Service Marks of RWS, Inc.

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My question is, there must be a lawyer or team of lawyers defending all this junk, and maybe even some are involved in posting, editing and disseminating this trash to US citizens.

We learned in Brown v. Entertainment that trashy video games are protected by the First Amendment, and my question is, why isn’t the ARDC going after all THOSE lawyers who are involved in producing, selling, marketing and enhancing the rights of trashy video games.

What I have told on this blog easily pales in comparison to all of that.

But the upshot is, as a lawyer, I can defend thugs and thieves, I can help trashy videos games such as Postal and GTA that promote violence, killing and felonies for points be sold in the market place, but under absolutely no circumstances am I to run a blog where people complain freely about the state of the Illinois court system.

Okay, got that. Hipocrasy in its most basic form.

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