A very, very disappointing decision–Wyman on Appeal

As if KDD’s decision isn’t bad enough, Wyman just got a huge kick in the butt from the 2nd District Court of Appeals which seemingly went overboard to nit pick some reason, any reason, to say John and Bill did not have standing to object to the fact mother Carol was never served and the sisters of Carol were never served.  The GAL and OPG just declared in open court “I’m sure they found out.”

The court also took the highly questionable stance that it’s been 3 years and that makes it harder or impossible to object to jurisdiction.

Please send along your comments/suggestions regarding this disappointing decision.  Apparently Grandmother Carol can be adjudicated without notice to herself or others, placed in an abusive nursing home where she can receive frequent beatings, be sexually abused and the “good kids” Bill and John can not only be barred from seeing her, BUT they cannot also object due to lack of standing.

Sad, very sad.  While the case is not dead and we will most certainly appeal, it’s on life support and in the ICU.

It does not uphold the rights of alleged wards to have notice and due process.  Apparently due process is an iffy thing in the 2nd district court of appeals in Illinois.

We’re all screwed.  With GAL’s that come from “secret lists”, OPG’s that are tied in and “secret list” court service providers, due process is something not well respected or given genuine care and concern.  And if you want to roll a drunk, or have a senior beaten up, dragged from her home–all without notice and no “good kid” can object, apparently, Rockford’s the town to do it in. No one will care–esp. the 2nd Dist Court of Appeals.

Wyman Disappointing 2nd Dist. App. Decision 051613

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