New page–links to other court corruption websites

While I have often wrote about the fact there are other great websites out there that provide information and advice on what to expect when you get into probate court, I now have a page link to other websites.  Probate Sharks is owned by Bev and Ken Cooper and is based upon their problems and travails in probate court. Both of them have tons of experience and knowledge there.  Their story involves strenuous isolation, Miriam Solo, Judge Kowamoto, the usual theft, conversion and embezzlement, but their case also involved murder of the senior.  While before this blog, I didn’t think it was possible to look the other way while a senior was starved and dehydrated to death in a nursing home while a kind, caring relative wanted to take the senior in, I learn a lot from my blog.

Another good one is NASGA or the National Assn to Stop Guardian Abuse and you can find tons of stories there on a nationwide basis and news articles.  Plus, my favorite feature is their “most wanted” list, or one where they list all the judges and probate attorneys and GALs that are “best to avoid”.  The “most wanted” list is not a laudatory position.

Email me if you know of more of these and I’d be glad to post them for you

1 thought on “New page–links to other court corruption websites

  1. Also check out the Estate of Denial blog site at for a broad spectrum coverage of all probate abuse that includes much on elder abuse. If you do a search for elder abuse on the upper right hand side you will currently find 133 pages containing articles on this issue. Thank you for your excellent work on this blog – Daniel

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