Filed today with the Illinois Supreme Court–Another appeal contesting Jurisdiction and Disqualification

One of the things that I have noticed which is similar between Probate and the ARDC is that certain motions which are complete losers in every other court, appear to be stellar rubber stamp winners at the ARDC and the 18th floor.  The similarities always continue to amaze me.

So, up for appeal today are the following documents:

First I need a Motion to Join in the Appeal.  Fortunately we were able to find a case that an attorney who worked on the case can file as an interested party:

JMD Motion to Join in Sykes Appeal as Interested Party

Next, I needed an extension of time for filing a bit late.  However, the underlying matter is jurisdiction and that can be appealed at any time, so an extension of time should not present a problem.

JMD Motion for Extension of Time to File Late Briefs

Third is the Petition to Appeal my (wrongful, bogus) Disqualification which GAL Adam Stern said I might be a witness (yes, when monkeys fly again)

JMD Appeal of her Disqualification

Fourth is the Appeal on the basis of Lack of Jurisdiction–no service upon Mary and no Sodini notice to the two elderly sisters of Mary

JMD Motion to Dismiss Lack of Jurisdiction

And finally, one of the things not on the (confused, disorganized) list of pleadings for status call with my ARDC telephone conference yesterday were two items 1) the copyright infringement cease and desist letter I wrote the ARDC and 2) my appeal of my SCOI petition to the US Supremes.

They never seem to be interested with the things that might be a challenge for them.  I think KDD told me at one time LB said she was going to respond to my copyright infringement cease and desist letter to the ARDC for taking 16 paragraphs of my blog and putting them (unnecessarily) on their website and in a false light (as if I did something wrong, which I did not–reporting on corruption in the style, manner and creative method I choose is clearly my constitutional right).  So far no response.  But the Chair did promise by the next status teleconference (May 7, 2013 at 2:30 pm) he would “get to that.”  I also replied that I intended to file suit for copyright infringement by then, but he did not seem interested.  Oh well, his choice.

So here is my Petition for Admission to the US Supreme Court:

JMD Petition for Admission to the US Supreme Court.

I assume someone is admitted to the US Supreme Court at the ARDC and will be handling the other end of things.  It will be interesting to see if they also have to apply like I had to.

2 thoughts on “Filed today with the Illinois Supreme Court–Another appeal contesting Jurisdiction and Disqualification

  1. This is a whole bunch of work to go through just to save a kind old lady’s home from being (allegedly) stolen by bad guys — but that is what they are counting on, that sooner or later they will wear you down. Please keep on fighting. And know that you are doing it for the rest of us who may someday face this horror ourselves. And that we appreciate it greatly

    • Aww, Jane, you are too sweet. Actually, its more than that. They sold the home, they will bulldoze it down if not stopped, they have taken away Mary’s human rights and civil rights and her liberties. These are gross violations of everyone’s rights. She is living in Naperville, where she never intended to live. The whole situation is utterly sad.
      And instead of going after the miscreant attys, which I’m sure the ARDC thinks it simply cannot do because they’re evil is far toooo great–they come after me.
      I just read the instrucitons for appeal to SCOTUS and it appears that there is but a 1% chance of attaining appeal.
      Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that they grant my Petition for a Supervisory Order so I can keep on running this blog and telling the world about corruption in the Illinois probate courts and perhaps someday, it will all end.
      Take care and thanks for your kind thoughts.

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