KDD’s Appeal to Law and Justice

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 2, 2013 10:13 PM
To: Janet Phelan , JoAnne M Denison , Atty Ken Ditkowsky , Gloria S , “richardbusselaw@gmail.com” , “verenusl@gmail.com” , “nasga.org@gmail.com” , “acluofillinois@aclu-il.org” , “matt_abbott@kirk.senate.gov” , “nkarp@aarp.org” , “statesattorney@cookcountyil.gov” , “sheriff.dart@cookcountyil.gov” , “michael@activistpost.com” , “michiganadvocacyproject@gmail.com” ,  , “scottcevans@hotmail.com” , “janetcphelan@yahoo.com”
Subject: Re: Convention Against Torture—Guardianship

At all times relevant Mary Sykes was a well-adjusted female, aged 93 years old.    In approximately 2005, Mary’s older daughter took her a lawyer.   When they emerged a series of documents surfaced that were deceptive and misleading; however, the intended effect was clear.  The older daughter was to have full and complete control over the mother’s substantial estate.
Unfortunately for the older daughter Mary discovered what had happened to her when she examined her bank account and discovered that $4000 had been removed from her account by the older daughter.     Mary confronted the daughter and was told “mom, I invested your funds in an IRA”      Even Mary knew that at her age she was not eligible to invest in an IRA and after an altercation Mary sought an order of Protection in the Circuit Court.    The Court personnel helped her prepare the verified petition.  
The daughter responded with a Petition to have a guardian appointed for Mary Sykes.     Even though Mary’s treating physician refused to sign the ‘doctor’s report’ the Judge advised the older daughter to find another doctor.     An ethically challenged doctor who would attest to both President Obama and President Bush being in need of a plenary guardian – such as the older daughter- was quickly found and he executed the documents.    
Even though the Legislature, the Appellate Court of Illinois and the Supreme Court of Illinois have been very specific as to the notice requirements (755 ILCS 5/11a – 10) that are required for the Court to obtain jurisdiction the Circuit Court of Cook County, Probate Division ignored the mandate.     Thus, without jurisdiction the Court appointed two guardian ad litem and a plenary guardian.   These ‘clout’ rich miscreants immediately joined their quest and they submitted an agreed order to the willing judge who promptly appointed the older daughter as the plenary guardian with authority to separate Mary Sykes from her liberty, property, civil rights and human rights.  
Mary was totally separated from her siblings, her young daughter, her friends, her neighbors, her home and all that was important to her.   Her property was confiscated and not inventoried.    [A large gold coin collection valued at a million dollars was not inventoried – see Gloria Sykes affidavit]     Every attempt by family, neighbors, friends et al was thwarted by the cottage industry that has grown around these elder abuse/financial exploitation cases.    Even the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission joined to attempt to silence this atrocity.      Attorneys who spoke up were subjected to Disciplinary proceedings in direct defiance of the First Amendment.
 The entire story is set forth in the probate file of Mary Sykes housed in the Circuit Court of Cook County 69 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois.    The First four volumes are now on-line on Attorney JoAnne Denison’s web-site.     
This saga is repeated every single day in Probate and orphan’s courts across the United States of Illinois.    Alleged abusers and other miscreants are given absolute control over seniors with little or no concern for civil rights, human rights, statutory protections or common decency.    In the Sykes case all the protections afforded by Law have been ignored.   A simple Jurisdictional precaution such as naming and serving all the close relatives prior to an incompetency hearing for Mary Sykes was ignored and two years later continues to be ignored.
Just for the record the incompetency hearing provides for standard of proof referred to as ‘clear and convincing.’    The agreement of three interested people to the detriment of the alleged incompetent is disingenuous.     Other protections most of which are jurisdictional have been equally observed by avoidance or just distorting the truth.
One of the easiest ways for a dictator or a criminal to destroy dissent is to have opponent ‘put away’ as crazy, incompetent, etc.        Today, as reported on the Blogs and the Report of the United States Government Accounting office is the rampage of Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation of the Elderly.    Sheriff Dart (Cook County) sponsored a conference that addressed this serious problem.     The most vicious of these criminal conspiracies is promulgated by the appointment by the Courts of avarice motivated clout heavy individuals who are not burdened by the Judio- Christian Ethic that permeates American Law.    By Court orders, as occurred in the Sykes case, a plenary guardian is appointed (whether the individual needs such assistance of not) and this plenary guardian exercises complete control over the person and property of the victim.
With the aid of a ‘rubber stamp’ Judge, who approves whatever whim and desire of the guardian put before him (the judge) the senior’s liberty and human rights are forfeited.      As long as the money holds out the senior is kept from obtaining his/her final resting place; however, as is indicated in Scott Evan’s affidavit the interim between the guardian’s appointment and final reward may be a living hell!
Lincoln freed the slaves!    You and I by our procrastination have made our senior citizens the new victims of an even more vicious Jim Crow than existed in the 1860’s.       The new Klu Klux Klan headquarters in our probate courts.   A written order signed by judge substitutes for burning a cross or a worn bed sheet.    
I urge Law Enforcement and particularly the Sheriff of Cook County and the States Attorney of Cook County to independently and fully investigate the Sykes case   
There are hundreds of people similarly situated who are literally dying for Law Enforcement to investigate the incarceration and looting of their mothers, fathers, brothers et al estates by Court appointed miscreants.    The ‘rape’ of the seniors in the United States is a National disgrace.    The ‘cover up’ is outrageous and a testament to the breakdown of the American culture.    The terrorist threat is from within!    We by our failure to root out the criminals who take advantage of the Justice System to destroy the lifetimes of saving and hard work of our mothers, father’s et al are disingenuous.   Every day that the guardians appointed in the Sykes case continue their nefarious actions is a sad day for every single citizen and another lesson to our children and grandchildren that if you have ‘clout’ it does not matter what the law says.
Ken Ditkowsky
Ken Ditkowsky

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