Letters which John Howard Wyman is sending out today–An inspiration for others to do the same.

To: JoAnne M Denison <JoAnne@denisonlaw.com>
Subject: Re: Thanks from John Wyman
Date: Apr 2, 2013 3:48 PM
Dear President Obama,

This is the third time trying to make contact with your office. I haven’t even received the usual form letter, even though you and I have one or two degrees of separation. Congrats on  your mid east trip. You have finally spent more time with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu than I have. I’ve cut his hair and his wife’s hair a few times. My neighbor Susan Blakney has taught your children to ski the last couple of years, and a member of your cabinets brother has read a book that I’ve written on elder abuse  “Against Her Will,”  which I’ve sent to your office, first in manuscript form and then as a finished book, with no response. If that wasn’t painful enough, I endured a four hour republican rally, just to talk with and hand my book to Mitt Romney. But that’s the point, this is not a democrat or republican issue. It’s an American one.

Enclosed is another copy and I hope it finds a way into your hands. I’m a left leaning liberal or maybe a misguided idealist, but the book is very powerful and takes place in you home state of Illinois. It’s my journey through the corrupt probate system, the nursing home for profit (gulag prison system) where my mother was put against her will, drugged, beaten, and sexually assaulted. Nothing, I mean nothing was done. Not by law enforcement, U.S. Attorney office, Attorney General office, I.D.P.H., the courts; You name it, I’ve been there! It all fell on deaf ears!

It was only through the self determination of my mother that she is alive today. She escaped to Colorado two pints short of blood and severely beaten. To top it all off, the courts in Illinois without jurisdiction have taken her social security, her property and assets, all under the color of law.

My book has been well received. There are reviews on the internet; amazon etc. An attorney JoAnne Dennison read my book, took my case pro-bono, only to find herself in front of the A.R.D.C. for blogging about my case and others, having her First Amendment rights being violated. This is only the tip of the ice burg.

I’m not asking for your help in my case. It’s too late for my mom, but I’ve become an advocate and I’m her to offer your my help. Seventy to eighty million baby boomers could possibly face the same fate as my mother. Medicaid and medicare fraud exists, with medicare fraud estimated at 75 -90 billion dollars a year and who knows what medicare fraud is? Nursing home care is disgusting, two to a room, at an average of $65,000 a year, institutional food like our prisons, and minimum care. The probate court system then tears families apart, drains the estate and takes away your rights. This has to change. As for me, my eyes have been opened. I’m forever changed. I have and will continue to use every means: political, news media, and Hollywood connections to get my message out. But most of all, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours Truly,

John Howard Wyman

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 2:15 PM, john wyman <johnhowardwyman@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear U.S. Senator Durbin,

My name is John Howard Wyman. I’m writing as a concerned citizen and fellow baby boomer. I’ve written a book, “Against Her Will.” I hope you take the time to  look at it. I’ve sent copies to various politicians, President Obama, Representative Cheri Bustos, handed it to Mitt Romney and spoke with him in Colorado. I’ve sent one to my friend Bibi Netanyahu in Israel trying to bring awareness to the catastrophic situation, both moral and financial our country faces with 70-80 million baby boomers going into a health care system that is broken, a medicare/medicaid system riddled with fraud costing taxpayers upward of 90 billion dollars a year, with a nursing home for profit system, run more like a private prison and big pharma rakin’ in the dough as we sit around and do nothing, and also a probate court system that if you have money or property can tear your family apart, seize your assets and lock you away leaving you without any rights what so ever; all under the color of law.

My book has been well received by attorneys in Illinois and around the country. A few have had the courage to stand up and be heard, only to be shot down. This shoot the messenger rather than the miscreants has got to stop. I myself have become an advocate and will not stop until my voice is heard.

Through my friends and connections my story is in the hands of major media including Hollywood. I think they’ll act sooner than later. I hope to hear from you soon. I have some great ideas to share with you.

Yours Truly,

John Howard Wyman

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 2:00 PM, john wyman <johnhowardwyman@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Cheri Bustos,

My name is John Wyman. I’m a former constituent of the district you represent as was my mother up until four years ago when she escaped from Illinois to Colorado after being put into a Rockford nursing home against her will, where she was drugged, sexually abused, and physically beaten with the local, county and state police not investigating and with the courts of Winnebago County seizing  her home, assets, social security, etc., all under the color of law.

I’ve become aware that you have opened up an office in Rockford in the same building that the court miscreants J.F. Heckinger and the governor appointed public guardian, Sharon Rudy, have their offices.

Without getting lone winded, I’ve enclosed a book, “Against Her Will,” a cautionary tail of my trials and tribulations of elder abuse by both the nursing home gulags, and the probate courts that illegally railroads them there. The book was locally reviewed by the “Rock River Times” the only honest forthright paper in Rockford, Illinois. They’re on the same block as your office; small world isn’t it. However, the editor was threatened by one of the attorneys, at a cocktail party, not to publish anything about me ever again or else!!

My case is not the only case in Rockford coming under scrutiny. It’s just the tip of the ice burg and you formerly being a lawyer know full well, thins are never how they appear! i would really like to talk with you about how to fix the problems in our system. Thinking forward, i have some great ideas with 70-80 million baby boomers probably facing the same situation my mother did, or worse.

Yours Truly,

John Howard Wyman

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