And while Nero fiddles–Rome is burning

Dear readers,

As you are all aware, for some reason my opposing counsel at the ARDC that have filed a complaint against me merely for BLOGGING, of all things, then motioned to have my attorney disqualified (bogus), seem to think it is perfectly okay for the ARDC to hound, harass, persecute and parriahcize me.

I think the only thing going on is I am just one more poster child for corruption among the courts, attorneys and judges in the US.

We have already learned that the Judicial Inquiry Board has not filed a single recommendation to discipline a judge in Cook County for YEARS due to infighting, and we KNOW there are plenty of judges acting badly in court — and nothing is done.

I am hearing reports that judges ban laptops, cell phones–even pen and paper–for note taking–and all in our courts which are supposed to the public and free and the banner of a free country and free speech.  A civil rights suit against all of this is in planning.

But who is carrying the banner for nationwide elimination of corruption?  Bill Windsor and he is making substantial progress.  Contact him thru his website if you want to make your particular record of injustice and corruption.

Lawless America goes nationwide after corruption in our nations courts

So while the ARDC is disciplining me for saying there is corruption, this completely ignores the fact that Google reports that corruption with the courts, judges and attorneys is  rampant all over the internet, with thousands and thousands of stories and articles abound on the internet regarding attorneys, courts and judges acting badly.

Go write Attys Jerome Larkin, Atty Haskel and Atty (sp?) Ozysprey and let them know it is wrong on so many levels to go after me and atty Ditkowsky while Rome is burning.  1)  I have the right under decades, if not 150 years of SCOTUS case law to speak my mind about corruption and the Illinois court system 2) they waste taxpayer money going after us instead of the miscreants–the judges and attorneys working without jurisdiction and 3) by telling me and atty Ditkowsky to shut up, they foster more injustice and corruption in the court system.

Please write the Administrator Jerome Larkin, Atty Haspel and Atty Opryszek and tell them that Ken and I have constitutional rights, we must be allowed to root out corruption in the court.

Honestly, I have no idea how to practice there when all this is going on.  What do I tell clients?  How can I practice in state court with all this going on?  The ARDC has not explained that to any honest and ethical attorney out there.  When I first entered practice and took my oath, the ARDC never sent me a disclaimer, “be careful what you wish for–the Illinois State Courts are full of corruption.  Good luck in finding any justice there except on rare occasions.”

Well, I guess I’m publishing the disclaimer for them and they don’t like it.

Of course, thousands of other sites and just ask Bill Windsor from “Lawless America” if he finds the courts to be a slice of StonyBrook Farms.

Please support those who speak out against injustice in the court systems.  Donate to and be a part of that cause.

The work I am doing now is extremely, extremely difficult and it leads to bar complaints when I just do my job–protecting the elderly and infirm–those that do not have a voice and cannot speak for themselves.

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