Cook County Court systems–is this a move toward “secret proceedings” and a police state?

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Feb 14, 2013 9:27 AM
To: matt senator kirk
Cc: Chicago Tribune , SUNTIMES , NASGA , probate sharks , Cook Sheriff , states attorney, probate blogs
Subject: Fw: Court watchers

In examining the e-mails that were recently  sent to me, I noted this one and its attachments is most interesting.    It fits very nicely into the category of the Son of Greylord.     With Sykes, Gore, Tyler, Wyman as horrible examples of the plight of seniors and those individuals who fall into the clutches of some of the “judicial officials” who populate our Court system we appear to be affected by terminal cancer.  [Most of the Judicial officials are good, decent, hardworking and caring individuals who take their positions seriously – however, a bunch of well connected miscreants have developed a ‘cottage industry’ that threatens our democracy]
 That said, the documents attached allege that our ‘open Courtrooms’ and transparent (and open) legal proceedings are being less so.    Viewing the attachments in the light of the Sykes case, and the Denison case if no action is taken we should order the funeral arrangements for the real victim – our Democracy!.      It may be beating a dead horse, but the Denison case is particularly troubling as it is impossible that the ARDC is not aware of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and that no matter what JoAnne puts in her blog regarding corruption and unfairness in the court system they cannot stop her publishing it.   47 USCA 230 reiterates that Constitutional prohibition and the Supreme Court cases are legend – however, *****
Jumping forward we now have a new situation – proceedings in which ordinary people are not allowed to take notes so that they can record accurately what they saw and heard.    We are getting very close to having ‘secret proceedings.’     I have sent you a copy of these documents as ‘we the ordinary citizens’ who are constituents of Senator Mark Kirk are concerned over what appears a runaway express train reasonably calculated to bring Soviet, Taliban, North Korean, Iranian justice to the United States.
In all candor – can you believe that the Sykes case is not a figment of someone deranged mind?    can you believe the ARDC complaint brought against me?    Can you believe the ARDC complaint brought against JoAnne?     Can you believe that in the United States of America a spectator in a Courtroom can be barred from taking notes or a lawyer observing a case and not disrupting anyone told to close her computer?     In the face of Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution this is indeed happening?
While in many parts of the world individual liberties are not important to the government, but in America each individuals personal liberties are extremely important.   Or maybe from the responses that government has been making in relation to the anguish of seniors and her families being victimized by certain ‘judicial officials’ who the ARDC refuses to investigate (and repeated acts in derogation of 755 ILCS 5/11a -1 et seq and the Bill of Rights ) maybe our current government has adopted the Taliban credo.
On bended knee I am begging Senator Kirk and our elected representatives to demand that law enforcement do an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation of these very serious allegations.   I personally would appreciate law enforcement finding out how any person can obtain a license to practice law in the State of Illinois and suggest that is unethical act for a lawyer writing or otherwise publishing a demand for his/her elected representative to investigate allegations that a 90 year old (plus) senior citizen was actively deprived of her civil rights.    When the State of Illinois and the United STates of America are in fiscal crisis I would also appreciate knowing how investigations are justified of the complaining parties and not the alleged miscreants.
Ken Ditkowsky

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